Your Best Possible Noise Solution For Brake Rotor

ZIBO BAIWANG MACHINERY CO.,LTD Adavanced Technology rotors offer the best solution for noise-prone applications. Vehicle specific cooling vane configurations and application specific iron and combine to dampen noise and improve responsiveness for braking that’s super smooth and ultra quiet.

• Vehicle Specific Designs 
Match OE form, fit and function; ultimate strength

• Black Fusion Coating 
Improves appearance for a clean, finished look

  Mill Balanced 
100% validation ensures proper balance; minimizes vibration

  Vehicle Specific Vane Configurations 
Match OE; optimal cooling, reduced fade, less noise and increased pad life

 Application Specific Iron 
Suppresses noise; keeps brakes running cool, quiet and vibration free

• Rotors meet SAE Standard for tensile strength 
OE-matched; G3000 qualified material for structural integrity and maximum service life

 Turned Finish 
Installation ready; minimizes noise and improves responsiveness

 Tightest Lateral Runout 
0.002″ or less for less pedal pulsation and brake noise; extended pad life

• Minimal Thickness Variation 
Thickness variation less than 0.0004″; less pedal pulsation and brake noise