Will Not Fall Down The Motorcycle BMW Concept Motorcycle Debut

Will not fall down the motorcycle BMW concept motorcycle debut


In Losangeles in October 11th, the new concept of the BMW BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 in the era of the driving force - the future of BMW group exhibition, Losangeles station officially unveiled. The car is committed to solving the next nearly 30 years of travel programs, will ride experience to reach an unprecedented new height.

In the Motorrad VISION NEXT BMW 100 concept car, smart car frame is extended from the front wheel to the rear of a single overall. It is called the smart car frame, because it is in the case of a large number of motorcycle on the motorcycle to achieve the steering. The whole frame can be adjusted to control the direction of the motorcycle. The power needed to turn the light speed and steady, the smart frame allows easy steering; while at high speed, the smart car frame to maintain a strong force, in order to facilitate the stability of the vehicle.

High speed driving, riding clothes collar will swell up and provide additional support for the upper spine and improve overall comfort. Flexible openings provide additional ventilation function. However, unlike now we dress is built for the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 Knight future equipment does not provide any safety protection device, because the intelligent auxiliary system for motorcycle has all the safety features. Clothing in the sensor can record the wearer's heart rate and body temperature, and the appropriate cooling. Clothing can also be transmitted through the arms and legs of the vibration element of the navigation instructions, and in the tilt angle to the knight to send a warning. Knights and motorcycles are one of the first to create an unprecedented, exciting riding experience.
Summary: the car for a full range of care from the security, practicability and comfort of the driver, although it is still nowhere in sight, but in the foreseeable future, I believe that this concept will be achieved. BMW advocates a pure, free riding experience. In the future, digital technology will be fully in the vehicle and wearable equipment, to achieve the intelligent interconnection between the riders, motorcycles and the outside world, bringing the ultimate riding experience. Vehicles can also achieve self balance, to the greatest extent to ensure that any case of security, so that the riders are more assured of riding, more comfortable to enjoy.