In 2022, The Vehicle Monitor Market Will Increase By 12.8%, With A Market Capitalization Of $9 Billion 800 Million

Automotive News, according to foreign media reports, many car prices have been configured for automotive vehicles on-board display, and the application of such devices in the car is showing an upward trend. To this end, the world's second largest market research consulting firm MarketsandMarkets on the segment market related research, and forecast the future trends.
According to the agency's forecast, the future of vehicle display applications will grow substantially, as of 2022, the increase will be as high as 12.8%, when the market value of the vehicle display market will be as high as $9 billion 800 million.
This is mainly due to the following four factors: market driven development of semi automatic or automatic driving vehicle research and development in technology, the larger the major enterprises on the application of vehicle display upward trend, consumer demand and safety of driving comfort requirements in continuous improvement.
With the continuous progress of technology, the past ten years, the vehicle display applications change can be described as earthshaking. Because of the continuous improvement of vehicle display applications, the safety and comfort of vehicles have also improved. Government agencies in some countries will increase the commercial vehicle GPS system, car rearview mirror, rearview camera, sensor related to the introduction of mandatory, and the development and application of the console touch screen in the automobile market in boosting.

For commercial vehicles, the main functions of on-board displays include navigation and on-board infotainment systems. In the future, the console touch screen will show a steady growth trend, the equipment in high-end light vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles will increase in applications. As China, Brazil and India automotive market is very sensitive to the cost, the demand for the touch-screen of console in economical passenger cars will drive the development of the display market.
During the 2017-2022 year period, a CAGR of 6-10 inches of on-board monitors is expected to be high. The growth in demand for this type of display will benefit from its use in light vehicles. The 6-10 inch vehicle monitor will be added to the device, which will be used in the manufacture of advanced console touch screen displays that integrate multimedia applications and navigation capabilities.
With the continuous enhancement of the function of the advanced dashboard, the application of the advanced 7 inch dashboard display in the market will increase as well. With the rapid development of electric vehicles and automated vehicles, the future will further boost the demand for 6-10 inch vehicle displays.
Asia Pacific countries such as China and India are both the major producers of automobiles and also a relatively large car sales market. The demand for intelligent displays has a direct bearing on car production and consumer demand in the region. Japan is also in the Asia Pacific region, and the car technology in the Japanese market is quite advanced, and the demand for advanced vehicle electronic applications in the cockpit and on-board infotainment systems for passengers is increasing.
In addition, the Asia Pacific region is home to South Korea, LG display Japan display, KYOCERA Corporation and other major automotive display panel manufacturers. To this end, with the transfer of automobile manufacturers to developing countries, the major companies engaged in on-board displays have begun to focus on the Asia Pacific market.
Intelligent vehicle display is currently engaged in a few display business global supplier control, which will involve a number of regional giants, including KYOCERA Corporation, LG display, Japan display, Chinese Taiwan's AU Optronics and Japan Seiki corporation.