The United States To Finalize The 2025 Fuel Efficiency Standards In Trump Before Taking Office


The United States to finalize the 2025 fuel efficiency standards in Trump before taking office


According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) director Gina McCarthy at the time of the United States on Friday said the final decision to determine the Obama administration established the 2025 fuel efficiency standards.
In the United States and large car prices have been to the United States President elect Trump called for amending the 2025 fuel efficiency standards, car prices have said too stringent fuel efficiency standards due to the rising cost and to meet consumer preferences.
According to the 2012 regulations, EPA decided in 2018 to modify the fuel efficiency standards from 2022 to April. November 2016, the Department will plan ahead, put forward to finalize the 2025 standard.


Said her decision according to the data recorded in the McCarthy statement, analysis shows that carbon dioxide emission standards can be reached in 2025, this can save billions of dollars for the owners, and can protect people's health, protect the environment.
Spokesman Gloria Bergquist Auto Union composed of general motors, Ford, TOYOTA, Volkswagen and other car companies criticized the decision without considering the ability of consumers to pay, at the expense of the automotive industry to work in exchange for fuel efficiency and emission reduction effect, both before the balance.

Car companies hope that the California government and regulators can choose a sensible approach to avoid unnecessary and counterproductive conflict.
NADA, CEO, said: "what the Obama administration has done today is to raise the price of a new car by thousands of dollars." New car prices, it will force Americans to buy inefficient, environmentally friendly second-hand car. The final result will only backfire.
Legal experts say the Trump administration and Congress want to overturn the policy would be much more difficult than the other policies of the overthrow of the Obama administration.
2025 standard is not a new regulation, so the Trump administration under the EPA want to revoke the decision, the need to take a lot of procedures, more likely to be sued by environmental groups.