This Year, The Post Car Market Ushered In These New Changes.

2017, after the car market size wind scratch,

Environmental protection and urban rectification have improved the requirements.

The cost of people and the cost of accessories are getting higher and higher.

However, the market is also standardized.

The post market is from the time of focusing on the products and businesses.

It has evolved into a customer's center of gravity.

The service quality of the store after the market transformation

And the speed of maintenance has a higher requirement.

Well, how good is the back of the car after a rebound in the market?


A market standard will have more opportunities. Many operators have seen that in a fair environment, they can manage stores, improve their competitiveness through management, training and promotion, and also enable more customers to enjoy better services and have more choices.

Sharing and integrated services

In 2017, many stores recognized the importance of the customers, and also knew that the customer's resources needed to be dug to reflect the value of information. The era of single operation stores has passed. There are more and more comprehensive service stores. Washing shops have begun installing hoisting machines, and repair shops have also started washing business. One-stop shop is not only more popular, but also brings more profit to stores.

The concept of foster generation

Exquisite maintenance gradually in simple and crude oil conservation alternative, major accident car maintenance market will be further down, but customer car costs budget will not be reduced, it will further expand the fine maintenance market share, sales model into stores intensive products will also be hard to ensure the quality of products of the manufacturers replaced.

The market is becoming healthier

It will be the development idea of the future market to have an entity to use the Internet to solve the problem. The development of Internet technology and the upgrading of single store system will also greatly enhance the application scope of the Internet in the automotive aftermarket. At the same time, large Internet companies will also enhance the influence of the Internet in the automotive aftermarket after entering the market.

The national brand strategy is transferred to the region

All kinds of franchising stores recognize that the brand operation of the automobile aftermarket will be limited to the limitation of the radiation range in the whole country, and it can only be bigger and stronger. There will be more and more regional chains in 2018, and localised services and chain stores that are closer to regional consumption habits will be more popular.

Co operation with the insurance company

Future insurance companies and repair plants will cooperate more closely. Stores recognize insurance sales stores and customers can make the higher viscosity and the subsequent profits would increase, insurance companies also put down the attitude let stores become the insurance sales partners, which allow consumers to get more affordable insurance at the same time also can enjoy one-stop service.

The integration of supply chain and the change of logistics system

There will be more supply chain companies to provide more value-added services to manage their own stores, from the warehouse to warehouse management of stores will be more high standard service to repair factory, through the integration of resources and the supply chain of goods back, in order to more affordable price approach, so that more car owners to get benefits.

New energy vehicle limit card subsidy upgrade

Licensing restrictions and subsidies for new energy vehicles and upgrading the growth, maintenance technology and new energy vehicle market has been further improved, while allowing more repair shop to see a new profit growth point, new energy car sales also broke the traditional 4S sales, there has been a lot of New Energy Agency repair factory car sales business, also verified the customer resources in addition can be converted into maintenance resources can also translate into sales resources.

Uploading of automobile health archives

Many repair factory installed system, although the vehicle maintenance files full implementation is still some way to go, but it must be a trend, as long as we do maintenance and customer will subvert before the reception process, sharing maintenance files will make the vehicle repair and inspection becomes more convenient, also make the second-hand car trading become more transparent.

Therefore, in 2017, the market crisis of the car after the 2017 coexist, and it is more crisis for a lot of managers who do not want to accept new things and stick to their thinking. However, more opportunities have come for managers who know how to manage and are more willing to accept new things and welcome changes. What you think?