The New Infiniti QX30 Overall Design Is More Exercise

Automotive News recently, according to foreign media reports the latest news of the new Infiniti QX30, according to official information display, QX30 will be in 2016 to import into the China market for sales.

The design, the Infiniti QX30 Infiniti family style "aesthetic conflict" design concept, the whole line of compact smooth, stylish, avant-garde, and muscle sense. The front part, the new car uses a new family style grille, inside the black grid design, compared to cash more dynamic, with new bumpers, side air intakes bigger, wider wheel eyebrow and silver luggage rack, also equipped with a new rear anti roll bar. In addition, as the 2016 "blockbuster", the new QX30 is Infiniti's first compact SUV, after the listing will fill this gap in the market.

Power, according to the news that the new Infiniti Q30 Mercedes Benz MFA platform to build on, or will be equipped with 2.2 liters of diesel engine, the maximum output power of 205 horsepower, peak torque of 410 nm, the transmission system, with 7 speed transmission and collocation. In addition, the 2.2 liter Standard Version of the new car from 0 to 100 km / h acceleration time between 8.3 seconds to 8.6 seconds, while the new car will be the front wheel drive or all wheel drive system. The new car is positioned as a luxury compact class models, the future will be listed on the Audi A3 and Mercedes Benz class A, BMW 1 series models competition.