2017, The History Of The Most Stringent Environmental Inspectors, Enterprises Should Go From Here?

 Enterprises face three big waves
With this round of environmental protection under thorough investigation, but also led to many complaints about people's livelihood. Environmental protection rectification, manufacturing downturn, and prices continue to rise, labor costs are high, small and medium-sized private enterprises can produce difficulties, the market is changing, many have single dare not, and re employment is difficult. Big business pay cuts, small business reform, but it seems: this unemployment is worse than before the recession, unemployment!
1, closures
Some of the already fragile SME debt chain breaking bad debts and one disaster after another, will focus on cleaning up a batch of high debt to enterprise bankruptcy abyss; with the weak external demand shrinking domestic demand will make the low threshold of the traditional competition a large number of enterprises closed down; structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the application of emerging technologies forced inefficient business failures.
2, unemployment
Forcing the closure of serious excess capacity will result in the unemployment of millions of people. For example, the most surplus of iron and steel and coal, more than 10 million workers in two industries. For example, in accordance with the deployment of the State Council in January, and then compressed crude steel production capacity of 100 million to 1.5 tons, China's steel mills per capita production of 300 tons of steel, this round of steel production capacity means that about 500 thousand of the iron and steel workers will be unemployed. Surplus industries, in addition to iron and steel, coal, as well as electrolytic aluminum, cement, chemicals and other dozens of industries, the unemployment wave may be more violent than imagined.
Not only that, absorbing of manufacturing industry employment may continue to weaken, from 2004 to 2011, China industry experienced a sustained expansion, the number of workers it is on the rise, but from the beginning of 2014, the industrial added value of investment and industry downturn, follow-up will be eliminated a lot of people. As early as 2016, many private enterprises began to cut people, workers early return home, showing the harbinger of unemployment.
3, pay cut tide
The tide of bankruptcies and unemployment will inevitably exacerbate labour market competition and lower wages. Unsaturated employment and downward employment have driven some real wage levels to plunge in some sectors. Zombie business closures, layoffs, the elimination of backward industry industry get tide than we imagined fierce, correspondingly the start-ups accelerating, new industries and new technology talent bubble premium further shortage, economic transformation and who can not change, the first 10 years in the whole economy will destroy a group of people at the same time. A group of people, who can be proactive Lei Yue Longmen, who old-fashioned drift will be eliminated cruel.
State heavyweight media and chemical giant voice, but also questioned the "environmental protection" across the board"