The European Fastener Distributors Association Issues The European Fasten

It is reported that the European fastener Wholesalers Association recently published a report entitled "consolidate the future" project, the 16 page report in-depth analysis of the twenty-first Century European fastener distribution industry status. Dr Volker Lederer, director of the association, said: "the purpose of the document is to give European politicians, government officials and legislators a better understanding of the complexity of today's fastener supply chains.". "
He said: "the association continues to contact European Commission and European Parliament members on many levels. The fasteners importers and wholesalers to support the industry in Europe in all areas of economic development in Europe and provide the necessary jobs and contributions, but outside of the limited understanding of their role, is outdated and in many ways. "
The industry is composed of 2500 major European retailers, and employ more than 44000 skilled labor, and hold more than 2 billion euros in stock, "a paper industry to consolidate this provides a concise and extensive insights into the future", the industry's annual supply of more than 130 thousand kinds of different parts, worth more than 10 billion euros.


The message of "consolidating the future" is that our industry is unable to make any changes in the regulatory environment overnight. The distribution industry has undergone a radical change in the face of increasing customer complexity. We are together to support strategy contributors of this industry, and investment in equipment, the increase in global supply chain links to each other and to effectively manage the complex interpersonal relationship, including the global procurement and supply of fasteners. We hope that this contribution is recognized, but also should be reflected in the regulatory environment, to achieve the mutual connection of European companies in the world, also need a fair and free trade platform to ensure reliable supply chain development in the future. Dr. Volker Lederer, the president of the association, said.