Survey Report: Multiple Factors Drag On The First Half Of The Passenger Car Market This Year, Korean Car Has Been Seen Decline Has Become A Foregone Conclusion

According to the market performance in the first half, up to 30% of readers think Geely second half can still maintain steady growth, and optimistic about the trend of the first half of the growth of SAIC car under the reader is as high as 21%; in addition, the second half of the performance of the optimistic Dongfeng Honda occupy 14%.
Is Geely Automobile, the first half of this year, the completion of sales of 530 thousand and 600 vehicles, an increase of 89%, completed 53% of the annual target million; good performance in the first half on Geely Automobile sales target this year will increase 10% to 1 million 100 thousand vehicles. The second half of the year, with brilliant new market, and the growing volume of vision X1, its market growth should not be underestimated.
SAIC passenger car sales by leaps and bounds in the popular Internet began in July last year Roewe RX5 car "". This year, Roewe eRX5, Roewe I6, a ZS and a series of new energy vehicles and the Internet's blessing, entered the fast track of growth in the market. And from the strong performance of several hot models, the growth rate in the second half is still more optimistic.
4. Korean cars are seen to be a foregone conclusion.

In the first half of this year, while the independent brand was showing polarization, the decline of the Korean car and the decline of the law car were becoming a foregone conclusion. In more than eight car companies or brands, most consumers look bad is Beijing Hyundai, Dongfeng Yueda KIA and DS.
Korean cars in modern Beijing and Dongfeng Yueda KIA as the representative of the sales in the retreat, the sales ranking plummeted in the. The first half of this year, Beijing Hyundai cumulative sales of 301 thousand and 300 units, fell 42.4%, to complete the annual sales target of 24%; Dongfeng Yueda KIA first half of the total sales of 129 thousand and 800 vehicles, 54.6% year-on-year decline, only to complete the annual sales target of 19%. Recently, the media reported that the five factories in China will be fully shut down, including parts suppliers are all off, until August 7th to resume production.
Although the modern automobile this explanation is given, in order to factory shutdown equipment debugging and maintenance, but in view of the current Korean car sales and the dealer stores the "lonely", this is very difficult to explain and convince the public media.
Relative to the South Korean car unmarketable, law car in the country's life is not good. The first half of this year, Dongfeng Peugeot and Dongfeng Citroen, more than 40% of the decline occurred in sales; DS brand in 2012 in China, located in the luxury car field, but in today's luxury car sales charts, but found no traces of DS.
With the continuous decay of the market, South Korea and the law are looking for "to" the good policy in an attempt to, or hope to product promotion, or from the user experience and brand image, to restore its reputation in the market and influence. But any method needs to take time, and now, the sinking of the Korean car has become a foregone conclusion, and the law car in the short term also difficult to stop.
Summary: in the market downlink objective environment, some cost-effective models or less competitive enterprises, naturally difficult to long-term foothold. Survival of the fittest, this is for thousands of years, the natural survival of the law, on the current passenger car market, the same is true. Whether the factors that hinder the development of passenger car market has many enterprises to do is product oriented, and constantly improve their own research and development capabilities, with high price models and beyond the forward-looking layout of similar enterprises, to win market acceptance and recognition.