Sun Jianping, Want To Talk To You To Share Mobile Internet Life 3.0 Era

For 28 years, as with the ping an group of elders-ping an property insurance finally ushered in the era of 3.0.

3.0 what? Use the fashionable term, is shared.

Is of concern, and peace group internal integration of various, entered the age of 3.0 of ping an property insurance will no longer be limited to internal resource integration in the future, but "Internet car life" model of development to the industry-wide open, group internal and external partners hand in hand together to take advantage of new technology to create a more powerful platform, the open Internet car life.

Simply speaking, is no longer limited to internal integration, but the cross-border integration. In fact, in mixed operation, deepen reforms, increased competition and win-win cooperation under the time, cross-border integration in 2016 will go along this path of Chinese enterprises, the sharing economy also fire "ring of friends".

Alike 3.0 era

Ping an property insurance with ping an group age, 28 years, gone to "traditional channels, product-oriented" and 1.0 times "reform, science and technology-driven" the 2.0 era, beginning of 2016, the group "financial" and "Internet" under the guidance of integrated, entered by technology and the Internet to open open, cooperation and sharing of 3.0 times.

Under the ping an Group Deputy General Manager and Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer Chen Xinying idea, ping an group "four markets, two focus, a door" Internet system in the financial strategy, the car market still has great potential, ping an group want every step of the life cycle of the owner in cooperation with external, owners together to create atmosphere.

Specific,, peace produced insurance plans full using years accumulated of line Xia, and line Shang unique advantage, will group of integrated financial products embedded user of life service, gradually horizontal migration, eventually achieved "a customer, and a account, and more items service, and multiple products", promoted group "integrated financial" landing; Meanwhile, peace produced insurance around user of "car, and with car, and raised car, and repair car", full life cycle of various needs, further full play peace in customer resources, and big data, and Internet, and IT system technology and advantages, the "Internet" model of development to OEMs, dealers, repair shops and other industry partners open together to build a more robust, open ecosystem services to owners of platform.

Ping an property insurance Internet Division General Manager Li Linfei told the economic observer, peace good platform owner butt in two parts, part c butt customer, another part of joint cooperation to provide vehicle owners with services. Bus services also contains three types of, first, the peace group's internal Bank, securities, trust, financial life such as P2P services; the second is outside of the car service, including refueling, repair and maintenance of the car; third class is the owner of the service, such as drink service based on location.

Of course, sharing is completely open. Ping an property insurance share of life far more than that.

If the owners of sharing is to improve the experience of the industry chain, then shared with rivals then ping an property insurance picked out "fight to the bitter end" of the insurance industry really began to explore the road of cooperation and win-win.

In November this year, ping an property insurance Chung insurance teamed up with online insurance company Bao Biao auto insurance. Other than the sale and pricing of this insurance, claims, services and other areas are ping an property insurance commitments. This is the first in the O2O coinsurance model the introduction of Internet car insurance and domestic insurance fees into the first "Internet" samples. Bao Biao auto insurance took the lead in the first 6 rates reform carried out in the area, and added 12 as the pace of reform this year, and gradually extended to the whole country.

If Chung insurance and ping an property insurance share cooperation of color indelible brothers, then ping an property insurance intended to share with insurance companies claims and service ideas that would really have some upside down.

Ping an property insurance Assistant General Manager Zhu Yougang said ping an property insurance business is open, accompanied by migration of users from offline to online, now safe and well owners APP has more than 11 million subscribers, hopes this year to move to most customers online access to services. These online services, ping an property insurance is also open to rival insurance companies, shared with the advantages of ping an property insurance – claims and services.