Strictly Enviromental Protection Police In 2017 China



In recent years, the problem of haze has become a major problem affecting the health, safety and international image of the whole people. The haze has enveloped nearly one-seventh of our country, and the middle and eastern regions are almost "annihilated."


Haze problem Whether in the international community by the politicians, the stars accused of criticism, each haze in the country is also the whole people spit Cao complain, and some even have to flee from China.
In the national health awareness, environmental awareness are awakened to raise public pressure in front of the government can not be as before sacrifice the environment in exchange for economic growth. In such a big trend, the improvement of environmental laws and regulations, environmental policy implementation efforts as long as the strengthening can not relax.



In such a big background, in the event of a series of large haze events have such a serious environmental inspection. It is not only the inspection, as of now, there are already Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province, Hunan Province, Sichuan Province, Tianjin, Liaoning Province, Zhejiang Province, Hebei Province, Shandong Province, Shanxi Province, Hainan Province, Hubei Province, Fujian Province and Yunnan, a total of 17 provinces of the introduction of volatile organic compounds VOCs (volatile organic chemicals. It is synthetic and will be relatively low temperature vaporization) sewage charges.



Many provinces and cities' leader are set environmental protection warrant
In July 2015, the Central Committee for Deepening the Reform of the Leading Group for Deepening the Review and Implementation of the Environmental Protection Inspectorate (Trial) Scheme, which clearly pointed out that the environmental problems were highlighted, the major environmental events were frequent and the responsibility for environmental protection was ineffective The At the same time, the program for the first time put forward the environmental protection "party and government with the responsibility" "a post double responsibility" in the process of environmental protection inspectors not only for the government, but also for the party committee. Multi-provincial and municipal heavyweight leaders at all levels of mobilization meeting has said: "to the most resolute attitude, the most stringent system, the most effective measures to promote environmental protection and ecological construction to a new level."



As we know all construction ceramic industries factories and foundries,chemical factories closed since the 2017 Sping Festival  Holidays,many orders on hand have to postpone the lead time,and explain to the customers.All companies's  have to tested by the relevant departments,then permit to produce .
Can be expected in 2017, the environmental storm will intensify! The Because we want is not no profit business, nor is the price of pollution of the environment, but not to let a few mouse companies a big ridiculous policy! We have to breathe the air is fresh, the river inside the water can drink! This modern business community, hurt the environment, each of us is the victim!
So that the storm is more violent! The The
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