Steel Prices Continue To Climb Up Or New Market In End Of 2016

From end of China National Days Holidays , the Chniese steel market ushered in a new upsurge of rose, steel prices continue to climb up to October or will catch the last bus season, a new market.

Black futures pull up quickly after National days.

During the holidays, the steel market go flat, so that businesses can not imagine, what will happen next this year in end of 2016?but now in the beginning of November,the steel price continue to rise,had reach RMB500 per ton than before.

Raw material prices continued to rise

1, After the long holiday, iron ore prices continue upward. As of October 18th, Platts index rose 1.05 U.S. dollars / ton, 58.6 U.S. dollars / ton, the monthly average price of 56.19 U.S. dollars / ton. The recent iron ore potential overall steady rise, domestic ore market steady rise, port spot market as a whole stable.

2, the current steel coke stock low operation, the steel mills on the demand for coke, coke enterprises sales pressure is not. Coking coal prices continue to rise, coke prices have raised the intention again. Comprehensive point of view, the market will continue to maintain the short-term coke upward trend.

Downstream demand for the better

Overall, since end of holidays, around the project and steel units gradually return to the market, the downstream steel demand good overall, after the consumption of steel stocks rose, social inventory also decreased. The relationship between supply and demand has improved.

Comprehensive view, the market is still relatively good enough, although the silver ten is about to pass, but the market bullish atmosphere is still strong, is expected in a short period of time the price of steel is still up space, but the upside is limited.

Face such this situation ,every machiery plants and foundries canot give a calculately price now,

have to adjust the price price frequentlyrecently.

Hope every customers and clients understand this and confirm order quickly,price change everyday.

Is this good opportunity for next year beginning?

Our price for brake discs ,brake drums,nuts,sttel balls all raise price meantime.

Raw material for nuts price rising now!