Shared BMW Car Soon

Phoenix car news "deposit 999, 1.5 yuan per kilometer, but also free of charge."!" Recently, Shenyang's "shared BMW" brush Bang friends circle. Shenyang, BMW two words appear at the same time, so that we had a more official Lenovo, but Phoenix car from BMW was informed that in addition to the car from the Shenyang BMW dealers to purchase operating companies promote car sharing with BMW company has no half dime.


"As far as we know, to promote shared cars, we have purchased 20 1 series sports cars from our Shenyang dealers." According to BMW's insider, the number of cars and no rumors of 1500 vehicles, only 20 vehicles.
In Phoenix car view, BMW's feelings on this matter is also very delicate, on the one hand, share the emergence of BMW and hot, indicating that BMW brand recognition of the appeal, is a positive. On the other hand, BMW itself is also an advocate of shared travel. As an innovative travel service provider, BMW's shared travel has been operating in Europe for a long time and will land in China during the year.


But at the level of brand management, as a German luxury brand with a history of one hundred years, BMW has been building and maintaining a good brand image with very strict standards. It is always the pursuit of the ultimate driving pleasure, or now to high-tech companies in transition, or Tiexi 4A level scenic spots of the modern factory, or in culture, education, art, environmental protection and other aspects of social responsibility, is a high-end brand full range of spiritual pursuit. Therefore, BMW's official share of automotive services must conform to brand positioning and tonality, to ensure the level of user experience.