Ji'nan New Regulations: From September 1st Onwards, Professional And Technical Personnel Must Participate In Continuing Education

The day before, "continuing education requirements of professional and technical personnel in Ji'nan city" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") officially released, from September 1st onwards, Ji'nan professional and technical personnel each year to receive continuing education in less than 90 hours, professional and technical personnel to participate in the continuing education as the Title of the assessment, the annual assessment, post employment, an important basis for the registration of practicing.
What are the requirements for the mode and duration of continuing education? What are the benefits during the period of continuing education for professional and technical personnel? Read the authoritative reading together
The scope of application covers all professional and technical personnel
The subjects of continuing education include all professional and technical personnel of enterprises, institutions and other social organizations in Ji'nan. Among them, those who have hired professional technical posts have started to attend continuing education since 2017. For the first time, employees who have been employed in professional and technical posts should continue their education from the time they were hired. Primary and secondary school teachers continue to teach in accordance with the original channels.

Establishment of continuing education"
The continuing education of professional technical personnel proves that it is an effective basis and important document for professional and technical personnel to participate in continuing education. The establishment of "led by the continuing education of public service platform for professional and technical personnel in Ji'nan city by Jinan City and social Bureau (jxjy.jnhrss.gon.cn), standardize the identification and management to continue education hours. Health, accounting, publishing and other industry authorities to establish a separate school management system, needs to be subject learning data and the city continues to carry out docking education platform, the employing units in the training and use of the principle of consistency is responsible for professional and technical personnel to continue education management, school registration and examination.
The results of continuing education link up with promotion
Full implementation of the registration assessment system, continuing education will be linked with the vital interests of professional and technical personnel. Professional and technical personnel to receive further education in the implementation of the registration examination, examination results after verification by the relevant departments, professional and technical personnel is an important basis for promotion, appointment and qualification registration, practice.
City human resources and social security department is responsible for reporting the promotion awarded senior professional and technical personnel qualification examination confirmed hours. The county human resources and social security department and the municipal competent department of industry responsible for the promotion, authorization and review reporting senior mid-level professional and technical qualifications personnel hours inspection confirmation.


Continuing education hours can be transferred and continued
The professional technical personnel transferred from abroad shall, in accordance with the regulations of the city, apply for the registration of class hour in time according to the regulations of the city.
Further education needs to be increased
Continuing education shall be carried out by the government, society, employers and individuals. The government will increase financial support, establish a stable long-term investment mechanism, and raise the level of funding for continuing education. The employing units shall, in accordance with the relevant laws, administrative regulations and relevant state regulations, draw and use educational funds for staff and workers, and continuously increase their investment in continuing education for professional and technical personnel. In carrying out continuing education, relevant fees shall be collected, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and the province.