Manufacturing Process Of Large Automobile Hand Plate

The automobile industry is the pillar industry of our country, China has become an important base for the world automotive manufacturing, China after joining the WTO, more and more pressure on the domestic automobile manufacturing, automobile research and development becomes more and more important, and the trial is an important step in the development of automobile. RP&M technology is a kind of important means, more and more applied to automotive design, visualization, design evaluation, interference checking RP trial production prototype could be used as a CAD digital model, can even mold some function test. RP&M can optimize product design, shorten product development cycle and reduce development cost, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.
Another trial user can understand directly has not been put into batch production of the product appearance and performance and can make timely evaluation, so that they can timely improve the products according to the needs of users and market research, to create favorable conditions for the sales of the products and to avoid the blind may cause the loss of production.

For auto parts Shouban, we generally use CNC processing, its advantage lies in its very accurately reflect the drawing expression information, and the CNC board surface quality is high, especially in the finished surface spraying and screen printing, even more than the molded product will shine. Therefore, the CNC board manufacturing has become the mainstream of the hand manufacturing industry.
Hand finished before the completion of the work, the latter to carry out a series of manual processes, and now by extension dimension model to introduce the process of the late surface treatment of the board:
1, manual processing: CNC, SLA, complex mold and other three ways to make samples for sampling, grinding, assembly. The program is to make all the components into a finished product.
2, fuel injection: the hand sample has been made in accordance with the requirements of customers, in the clean room environment of oil spray color, so that the hand sample more vivid, bright, increase the hand sample of the sense of reality.
3. Screen printing: print or pattern on the surface of the hand sample that we have done.
4, pad printing: printed or patterned on the uneven surface of the board. This process needs to make a steel plate on the basis of silk screen.
5, radium carving: using laser to destroy the surface of the paint, so that part of the position of light transmission. For example: mobile phone keys, car DVD button. Lenses, etc..
6, electroplating: for part of the product more eye-catching details, coated with a layer of silver branded product color, the sample before electroplating must be very smooth. Don't have any trace of impurities, and then soak it in the chemical solution. The operation can be divided into two parts: water crossing and vacuum transfer.
7, oxidation: that is anodic treatment, the aluminum surface oxidation reaction, forming a layer of film, so that the product is not easy to scratch.
8, wire drawing: pull out a fine mark on the surface of aluminum, so that the texture of the sample better.
9, high light: on the surface of the aluminum sample has been processed, and then high-speed CNC processing a circle, exposing the true color of aluminum.
10, UV: on the surface of the product is sprayed with a layer of transparent oil by ultraviolet light and dry, make the product more bright, more not flowers, like a protective layer.
11, relief: in a plane with hand carved some patterns or characters, animals, plants and other effects, called relief.
12, mud sculpture: Red Hand Carved some patterns or characters, animal and plant shape, called mud sculpture.
13, lathe: there is a chuck clamping all kinds of materials into an oval car, round cup and so on.
14. Milling machine: similar to CNC, but it is a gong bed controlled by manual and automatic switch.
15, sandblasting: spray a layer of sand like surface effect on the surface of a piece of hand, so that the sample of the tray looks more upscale and perfect.