Machining Process Of Automobile Wheel Boss

The hub is widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry, mainly used for fixing tyre, tire and tire rigid support under wheel load, the development of a product such as automobile manufacturing enterprises, need to do first a hand out automobile hub verification in the design drawings completed, what are the deficiencies in the design and check of product before, Tuowei model also made such a hand, following Xiaobian to talk about processing of automobile hub board:

Methods / steps
Programming: write the program according to the drawings supplied by customers
CNC processing: through programming, so that the machine tool to perform the prescribed action, the material above the unnecessary place to remove, so as to get the prototype of the product.
Manual processing: after CNC processing hub in hand, hand surface will have a lot of knife, Feng, need to be polished.
Spray paint: in grinding to a certain degree of roughness of the hand board, sprayed with several layers of paint. Compared with the ordinary paint, the baking varnish has better high-temperature resistance performance.