Lonely Baic Independent

Yesterday, baic Saab X55 was released, baic's Saab it is under X65, X25 listing of the third SUV models. Party Secretary of Beijing automobile sales, Executive Director and General Manager Cai Jianjun have high hopes for X55, he said the new year will strive to achieve X55 month distribution of thousands of accomplishments. Not surprisingly, Saab brand will be launched this year, such as X35, the new D60 series.

End of the year, baic group news. On December 27, 2015, baic group, Changhe automobile started capacity expansion projects in Jiujiang and Jingdezhen. Four days later, baic No. 20000 car line of new energy in 2015. On January 7, 2016, baic Saab began to cross-border marketing initiatives, sponsorship shows the third season of song China, hope that younger users learn more about Saab brand.

In recent years, Beijing Automotive Group for its own brand of a range of adjustments, consolidated to form the Beijing brand, Saab, weiwang, Changhe, multiple brands of systems. Now, Beijing Auto is showing a surge of momentum for all out.

From the three challenge is still a big gap before the independent "three"

Independent brands including Saab, baic weiwang, Changhe, baic new energy vehicles and of several major parts, baic's strategy 2020, Beijing automotive baic's Saab, baic weiwang will present the brand, as independent double reinforcement priority, strive to enter the domestic brands among the top three. However, judging from the current situation, Beijing automobile brand ranked eighth, with three goals before entering the autonomous within 5 years there is a certain distance. Beijing automotive industry Corporation President Li Feng said "it will be a very challenging task. "In this regard, industry insiders believe, baic's independence not only in the top three challenging Beijing Benz became the first domestic luxury car market is difficult, but set a higher target, and be able to better promote a policy.