Li Keqiang(China Primer) See How The Layout "China 2025"

"Hear the really fun!" One minister after the executive meeting of the State Council on January 27, said.

The same day, Prime Minister Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to promote the "Made in China 2025" and "Internet" fusion development. At the meeting, the Prime Minister on how to promote the "Made in China 2025" had a wonderful interpretation. The following excerpt from a speech for the day.

"Made in China 2025" this formulation, now has a certain influence, but also improve the people's expectations of China's manufacturing industry. Can come to this step is not easy, it should be affirmed. But it should be noted, in this regard is still much room, we still do a lot.

First, to accelerate the promotion of "Made in China 2025" and "Internet" fusion development. Davos this year, the theme is "control of the Fourth Industrial Revolution." In general downturn in the world economy, the global economy needs to identify the direction, boost confidence. The theme of the forum is determined, it is worth our careful study.

The so-called "fourth industrial revolution", is roughly divided into the first "Steam revolution" and the second is "electrical revolution", the third is the "information revolution", the fourth industrial revolution, the word is used is called "physical information fusion "is mainly about is actually" Internet ", the contents of which are big data, cloud computing, intelligent robots and 3D printing technology, etc., and thus set off a new wave of surging wave of innovation.

Some of the core ideas of the Davos Forum, here we should pay attention to research. Have of urgency: the Fourth Industrial Revolution has come to this extent, only by combining industrialization of information is no longer enough, people's growing demand for flexible change of industrial production needs to adapt more quickly to changing market demands, to meet customer and consumers dazzling variety of individual needs.

It now appears that industrial development must be outside the brain on a larger scale, on its own business or study alone behind closed doors that a die. Because the Internet has opened up the whole world: one in greatly reduced production cost of sales, on the other hand through the Internet and the market demand quickly docking in time is also greatly reduced.

The so-called "C2B", that is, consumers request, a manufacturer of consumer goods designed accordingly, outfitting. This is a real **: A single enterprise is no longer a closed business, and it closely co-ordinated through the Internet and the market, and consumers always flexible communication. This is the trend ah!

Over the years, 3D printing is showing a trend everywhere, because the manufacturer to meet the individual needs of consumers, so the equipment must be extremely flexible. As we all know, the automotive industry is the transition from the rigid line to flexible production lines. Previously, five-axis machine is considered a high degree of flexibility, can adapt to a variety of manufacturing, now behind, because 3D printers out. Computer design things, direct printing on the shape.

Chinese traditional industries is built up from a planned economy on the basis of. Construction of the traditional industrial system contributed, without this system there would be no today. But today if we just lay on the traditional industrial system it will be abandoned. You do not embrace the Internet, could not catch the pace of new industrial **. Some enterprises in developed countries have already made in this regard have been actively explored, not only through the Internet and demand docking, but also widely encountered technical problems via the Internet to collect global solutions.