Jiaxing Fastener Exports Rebound Again

Jiaxing city enterprise returns to the European Union market
Since January 30, 2009, the European Union has imposed anti-dumping duties on Chinese imports of iron and steel products, resulting in a sharp decline in the EU's market share in China, which has led to a sharp downturn in the EU market share in China. Relevant data show that from 2008 to 2015, the city's fastener exports to the EU from 254 thousand tons down to 153 thousand tons, many companies were forced to withdraw from the EU market. After 7 years of litigation, the final ruling in January 18th this year, WTO once again to the EU Chinese products to maintain the anti-dumping measures so far in violation of WTO rules. In February 27th, the European Commission decided to formally abolish the anti-dumping measures on China's steel fasteners. Since March, the city's fastener industry on the European trade began to recover.
Jinyi Industrial Co. relevant responsible person said, the company started to negotiate and quotation matters with the previous EU partners from March this year, plans to return to the EU market. Jiaxing customs statistics show that in 2016 3 to May, the city's fastener exports to the EU 42 thousand tons, an increase of 23.6%. From the year 1 to May, the city of fastener exports to the EU 65 thousand tons, an increase of 8.6% compared to the same period, only to maintain growth in the top three largest export market; over the same period, the city of the United States and Russia fastener exports 76 thousand tons and 34 thousand tons, decreased by 10.7% year-on-year and 6.1%.

Fastener enterprises still need to accelerate the upgrading and upgrading
Although I fastener exports in the leading position in the country, but by less capital investment constraints, less innovative talent factors, fastener enterprises generally face the ability of independent innovation is weak, the product structure is not reasonable and so difficult to affect the stable development of the industry. According to the statistics show that despite the EU anti-dumping measures to cancel the favorable factors, this year 1 to May, the city's exports fasteners 292 thousand tons, the year is still down 3.5%; the value of 1 billion 940 million yuan, down 12.4%; the average export price of 6632.7 yuan per ton, down 9.3%.

At present, the city's industrial manufacturing demand in the high strength fasteners are still dependent on imports, reflecting the fastener enterprises in the country in the technical level, product structure and other aspects of the international manufacturing power is still not a small gap. According to statistics, in 2016 from 1 to May, the city's imports of fasteners 1943.4 tons, an increase of 37.6%; import average price of 35 thousand yuan per ton, 5.2 times the average export price.
In this regard, Jiaxing customs relevant person in charge suggested that the relevant enterprises should accelerate the pace of independent innovation, encourage enterprises to introduce research results from the institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes or to carry out technical problems. At the same time, I need to accelerate the pace of the city to develop new markets, with the aid of "high-speed rail diplomacy" and "The Belt and Road" Dongfeng, guide enterprises to actively open up new markets in India, Brazil, South Korea, promoting the market diversification. Fastener exhibition -2017 eighteenth Guangzhou international fastener and equipment exhibition - 18th China -The (Guangzhou) Int () 'l' Fastener & Exhibition Equipment.