Inventorying China Brand Car "Thirteen-Five" Lead With Planning For New Energy Vehicles

The beginning of the year, "Thirteen-Five" has started. The Party Central Committee "Thirteen-Five" plan, put forward the "five in one" new ideas that innovation, coordination, green, open, shared. "Thirteen-Five" during the auto industry will also be showing a brand new pattern.

China brand car how to fight "Thirteen-Five"? Look back at the five-year plan, new energy vehicle development and manufacturing the car development a top priority in the future. Both capital investment, or a new cart number, deserved to become China's new energy automobile industry brand enterprises "Thirteen-Five" plays in the development of.

SAIC Chase: horse C2B project

SAIC Chase in "Thirteen-Five" C2B--defined by the customer of the project was formulated in the planning requirements, customers through the mobile phone, not only can participate in the product development process, but you can also complete the product configuration, performance, customization. It is reported that SAIC Chase C2B RV-oriented business in the future, in addition to the layout MPV and SUV markets.

Reviews: in the past, "B2C" its way. In terms of intelligence, SAIC Chase C2B project walk in the forefront of the automotive industry as a whole. C2B project XI defeated XI? Regardless of success or failure, the first man to eat crabs have the final word.

Jac: 4 billion yuan push for new energy

Jianghuai automobile in 2016, overall sales target of 600,000 vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and new energy products, including passenger car sales target of 360,000 units. Two years Jac plans 7 new car and SUV models in the majority by 2017, and SUV models will increase to 6; announced plans to raise 4.5 billion yuan, of which 4 billion yuan will go to areas of new energy vehicles.

Hotel reviews: "2016 Jiang Qi group may be zero. "The end of 2015, jianghuai automobile, Chairman of Amgen publicly. In 2015, have made rapid development, performance light JAC, sets such a conservative plan for the future and are confident enough, or are there pitfalls?

Geely Auto: sales of 90% new energy

Geely "operation blue lucky" – promised to advance the full realization of 2020 the country fourth stage car averaged 5.0L/km fuel consumption limits; Geely will implement the new energy car sales accounted for more than 90% of total vehicle sales in China; in metal fuel and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle research and development achieving substantive results; in terms of intelligence and lightweight technology to achieve industry leadership.

Comment: in the popular new energy vehicles present, mouth good headlines of "comfortable" once again boast a "sales of 90% new energy" haven. How this almost impossible task to achieve? Time will produce the best answers.

Chery Automobile: the three major platforms ten new products

The next five years, Chery will become a new three product platforms, TIX/MIX and CC2S platform is a platform developed ten new products in pursuit of new energy vehicles by 2020 will reach 200,000 units of scale of production and marketing. In addition, Chery will also upgrade collection of traditional technology of intelligent technology, Internet technology and new energy technologies.

Comment: the end of 2015, Chery No. 5 million passenger cars rolled off to the enterprise "Twelve-Five" still beautiful developments at an end. Positive transformation initiative to change into the "Thirteen-Five" of Chery more mature and rational.

Changan Auto: 20 billion yuan into research and development

Within the next five years, Chang will meet the 2017 sold 3.5 million vehicles, the independent brand ranked 15th in the world by 2020, achieve sales of 4.5 million vehicles, the independent brand ranked 12th in the world; will invest 20 billion yuan in research and development.

Comment: in 2015, Changan auto 1-2.777 million vehicles sold in December, an increase of 9.1%, has completed production and sales both broke the million results. Ran Ben listed by 2015 millions of records from the 2006 birth of Changan automobile spent 9 years. The next five years, 20 billion yuan to hit that area of research and development, and highlights the ChangAn Automobile and China brand car has been acutely aware of the importance of developing core technologies for their own self.

Baic group: d complete "PI plan"

In 2015, baic announced called "PI plan" strategy 2020 objectives. By 2020, around baic Group's three brands market breakthrough module: beiqi brand and strive to rank among the top three domestic own-brand passenger car market Beijing Benz seek among the domestic luxury car market, the first Beijing Modern domestic passenger car market to secure the top four.

Comment: a late start as a Chinese brand of baic, and other domestic automobile enterprise group is still a certain gap, to be replaced in a short time the East before entering the autonomous three-will not be easy.

Group: 1513 with clear objectives

Within 5 years, Guangzhou automobile group to complete 1 goal, lay 5 large plates, highlighting the 1 key, to achieve 3 major breakthroughs.

Goal 1:2020 to complete production and sales volume of 2.4 million vehicles a year. 5 major parts: stronger doing real research, vehicle, parts, business services and financial services. 1 priority: the development of independent brands, realize the leaping development of the brand. 3 big break: break the electric, international, net.

Comment: in the past five years, Guangzhou Automobile Group production scale expanded rapidly, but with the original "2015 car capacity to 3 million vehicles" compared to the target, still far from being met. The next five years, as well as inventory of new cars of all brands and, through sharing of communion between brand chain, boosted independence, Guangzhou Automobile Group, a long way to go.