In 2018, Where Is The Chinese Type Of Opportunity For Auto Distribution Management?

2018 new year had passed a few days, the circle of friends has been one of the words: "the opportunity China type scraper". On the last day of 2017, Luo Zhenyu listed 6 brain holes in the cross year speech, and found that Chinese style "Chinese opportunity", seize the opportunity to become the key word of various industries in 2018, and the same for auto parts industry.

Looking back on 2017, the auto industry has heard most of it, such as: how to get a good source of goods? How does the operation change? What is the customer demand? Having stable customers and forming a good profit mode has become a headache for many small and medium-sized auto dealers. As a small and medium-sized auto parts distribution enterprise, how can we find a balance between the three suppliers, terminal distributors and owners? Where is the "Chinese style opportunity" that belongs to the auto match operator?


Do not do business with low price

In the process of circulation, the selection of the source of goods is a very important part of the auto parts enterprises. High quality product resources are also important guarantee for the development of enterprises. But why are there still small factories, quality parts and even fake parts in the market? The reason is that it is difficult to get good quality product channels, plus transportation cost, labor cost and homogenization product competition. In order to get bigger profit margins, auto parts manufacturers choose small factories and informal channels.

Low price competition has become vicious competition for the better development of the auto industry influence, in the homogenization of serious circumstances, low price will touch the interests of the bottom line, the product quality can not be guaranteed, the price in the cycle of repeated vicious spiral, rotten, natural market do a waste, irrational price war result is undoubtedly self destruct.

With the continuous upgrading of consumption, the majority of owners demand for automotive service concept, also produced a qualitative change, change from price oriented to quality oriented, have a new understanding of the relationship between the owners of the value and the price of accessories, they are well aware of the use of non original pieces influence not only brings less for a period of time. The consequences may be between parts, is not enough, thus affecting the products in use in the process of security and stability, and finally lead to more losses.

High quality parts have become the needs of the new generation of car owners, and with the improvement of self-protection awareness, security has aroused their full attention. The progress of the concept of social consumption, the change of the mode of customer demand, the adjustment of the market target of the manufacturer, all are changing. As a modern auto dealer, there must be a transformation and change with the times for the location of the commodity resources, the adjustment of the purchase channel, and the business mode, marketing concept and operation mode, otherwise it will be difficult to survive. It is a necessary way for the survival and development of the enterprise to adjust the commodity purchasing strategy, improve the quality of the inventory and meet the needs of the new generation of customers.

For auto parts operators, it does not depend on the number of goods, but the goods on the handle are quickly delivered to the repair shop. The technology and services of the repair shop can ultimately satisfy the owners' safety and convenience needs, which is the continuous presentation of the value chain in the industrial chain.