If Your Car's Butt Install A Rogue Hook

I do not know if you have seen this little thing, the official name of the trailer hook, but we generally like to call it "rogue hook" ". In addition to the trailer effect, it can also prevent collision! Look at the car after the vehicle trailer hook to hook down abruptly. I really do not know that car is now okay, the owners are quick to feel bad dead.

车屁股装个“流氓勾” 再也没人敢追尾?

But the actual is rogue hook is hidden safety problems, if the hook is too long, it is easy to cause great harm on the back of the car, if punctured some equipment of what, it's not fun.

If the rear end of the trailer hitch car, the car into the trailer after inserting hook can be like a weapon, the destruction is quite strong, the scene is fierce! Usually the car trailer rear end hook, the greater degree of damage to the vehicle.

Have a look after the rear end hook map, after the car is bad. Can be directly to the rear of the car before the bumper hit the broken, so that others will be hiding from the car hit his car, no wonder that the hook is called!

ZIBO BAIWANG MACHINERY CO.,LTD remind the owners of cars should generally check your car's braking system :brake disc,brake drum,brake pads working or not and keep a distance between two cars when parked and brake in time is the best way.