How Long To Replace The Auto Parts--Zibo Baiwang Remind You Here!

The quality of a car, not only in the car itself, the subsequent maintenance of the car is also very important, is the right time to replace the auto parts, car safety, to extend the life of the car is very helpful, I think engine spark plugs, coolant, tires, etc. has its replacement cycle. Following on from the Goodyear Tire to tell you, a car parts replacement cycle.

Wiper Blade: One year


For the replacement of the wiper blade, it is best replaced every year. Wiper films everyday use, to avoid "dry scraping," it is easy to damage the wiper blade, and in severe scratch auto glass.


Brake: thirty thousand kilometers


Check the brake system is particularly important, a direct impact on safety of life, under normal circumstances, the brake pads will increase mileage, gradually wear. It must be replaced if the thickness of the brake pads is less than 0.6 cm when. Under normal driving circumstances, every 30,000 km replacement brake pads once.


Battery: Two years


Battery is usually around 2 years as the case may check replacement. Usually when the vehicle is turned off, the owner of the vehicle to minimize the use of electrical equipment to prevent loss of battery power.


Oil Filter: 5000 km


To ensure that clean oil passage, the engine is equipped with oil filter lubrication system, in order to prevent contamination of the oil caused by oxidation and gum and sludge clogging oil. Oil filter should be replaced at the same time while driving 5000 km and oil.

Tires: 50000-80000 km


Under normal circumstances, a tire replacement cycle is from 50,000 to 80,000 km. If the side of the tire cracks, even if does not meet with mileage, for safety reasons, must be replaced. When the tread depth of less than 1.6 mm, or tread wear indicator has been reached, it must be replaced.

Zibo Baiwang Machinery Company Remind here: always pay attention to your car, put it firmly in mind the various parts of life, so as to make it better for you, oh.


The engine is like the heart of the vehicle, while the brake disc is the important safty parts, no matter how the heart, but also need to wear a good pair of brake rotor to run, Goodyear tire for each vehicle produced right tires, provide you with safe driving, car quiet and comfortable ride a good experience, worth the owner selection.