Honda CR-V Seven Officially Unveiled The First Version Of The Thailand Area

Honda CR-V seven officially unveiled the first version of the Thailand area


The day before, we learned from the foreign media, Honda officially released the CR-V version of the model seven in Thailand, and began to accept the order. The new car will provide two powertrain options for consumers, while providing two versions of the front and four-wheel drive.


Appearance, the new car borrowed from the Honda CR-V overseas version of the design language, only for the details of the adjustment. Including grille, front and rear lights, bumpers and other parts, making the new car in the shape of a more robust. Body size, the new car's length and width were 4587x1855x1689 mm, wheelbase 2660 mm, consistent with the size of the U.S. version of the new generation models.


The new car is the biggest highlight of the internal use of the seven seat layout of the 2+3+2 type, but the front came the photo, the rear space performance in general, at the same time due to the addition of the third row seat makes the trunk space is further compressed.


2601698_8.jpgPower, the new car with a 2.4 liter gasoline version of earth dream engine, the maximum output power of 132 kilowatts, the peak torque of 225 cattle, meters, and the engine matching the CVT CVT; diesel version of the car is equipped with 1.6 liters of earth dream turbo diesel engine, maximum output power of 121 kw peak. Torque of 350 n - m, 9 speed automatic transmission system matching. In addition, the new car will also provide precursor and four-wheel drive version of the model.