High Quality Brake S-Camshaft Manufacturer

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High Quality Brake S-Camshaft manufacturer
Material: Carbon steel
Brake S-camshaft for heavy trucks and trails, generally include two parts Front and rear wheel.
Cam: Head and spline is machined by CNC Machining center to insure better accurately of brake S-Camshaft.
If need do heat treatment to strength the hardness, we also have heat treatment equipments to settle this process.
Hope and welcome the customers send us your relevant technical data and drawings, we can settle all whole problems.

Material SpecificationAccording to customer's requirements.
Material incomingChemical Composition test Mechanical Performance test
Material cuttingCutting machine
HeatingIF furnace
Forging equipments1000 ton friction press ,2500 ton friction press ,4000 ton friction press,8000 ton friction press
Hear treatmentNormalising, Soft annealing, Hardening and tempering, Heat treatment out of the forging heat ,Special treatments
Surface treatmentShot blasting
MachiningCN Lathe , Milling , Drilling ,Grinding ,CNC
CleaningRemove flash, burr or flanging
TestingMagnetic particle inspection , Hardness ,Dimension inspection
PackageCoated with anti-rust oil ,Put in the wooden case

 We supply Trailer Parts for more than 12 years. We supply series of Brake camshaft: York-KIC-FUWA-BENZ-BPW.
If you are interested in our products, pls feel free to contact me for more details. ^-^