Farm Robot

Farm robot really need people more proficient computer skills, Ron Austin said:. "Some traditional farmers may be afraid that he will not this new technology, but the essence is from bovine milk it out of the body."


Robot system can also provide a range of data, Austin family can use these data to monitor the best cows to be phased out eventually single out some cows. "We've picked out from 113 cows in the seven." Jim Austin office pointing to the computer screen lit red lights side he said.


"You need to have a farm background. Robots do just milking, but not just milking the farmers, farmers are technical master who also acts as the role of the veterinarian, they are builders."


Now you can also add "computer programming" this one on the list of the skills of the farmers.



Now farmer use the small milking amchine to milk along ,this change will save worker's time and raise milking efficiency.