Farm Machinery Repair Training "craftsman" Modern Agriculture Construction Services

With the rapid development of agricultural mechanization, agricultural machinery maintenance "craftsmen" more and more popular. To focus on cultivating a number of technical precision, excellent service, brand loud farm machinery repair "craftsman",Shandong agricultural machinery vocational identification standing Zibo hold "Kubota dealer service training and Shandong Regional Skills Competition."

Farm machinery repair personnel shortage
According to the Municipal Agricultural Bureau Li Xiang, in recent years, the total amount of the city's rapid growth of agricultural equipment, agricultural population reached 216,000 sets, especially the high-performance, high-tech farm machinery is growing rapidly. But now, the presence of fewer outlets, poor, aging equipment, lack of personnel and other outstanding issues in our city farm machinery repair industry.
Statistics show that as of the end of 2015, the city's existing level outlets an agricultural machinery maintenance, technical staff of 16 people; two service outlets 13, technical personnel 103 people; three service outlets and 375 professional and technical personnel 813 people. Made farm machinery repair vocational qualification certificate 760 people.

Work hard to find a busy season
Yan, 33, from music, is one of the "artisans" to participate in the contest of six farm machinery repair, from Feixi Yan Township, 15-year-old began to operate farm machinery. Later, in order to prevent the failure to find people to repair farm machinery, he self-maintenance of agricultural machinery. In 2003, Yan Yue official from maintenance work in the farm, has been more than ten years. He told reporters, "With the growth in the number of farm machinery, agricultural machinery maintenance amount is increasing. Peak busy day to repair hundreds of farm machinery, the phones have been ringing off the hook."
"From the city's point of view, 760 farm machinery repairman, corresponding to 216,000 sets of farm machinery. Press the workload calculation, each holder 284 agricultural technicians in need of repair station." Li Xiang said that in the spring, three summer production Sanqiu peak season, agricultural work overtime, failure will be increased sharply, agricultural machinery maintenance "craftsman" became the "meat and potatoes", the busy season is hard to find a work.

Precision force padded short board
In the agricultural machinery maintenance popular behind the "artisans", exposing farm machinery maintenance is difficult, and the development of agricultural mechanization has become a "short board."
Li Xiang said the next step, the city will farm machinery maintenance industry development into agricultural development and construction planning, strive to 2020 the city to add a 1 to 2 service outlets, each county (city) there are two or more two maintenance outlets, every town has a number of tertiary and professional service outlets, built a number of farm machinery repair services, spare parts supply, technical training and information services in one of the farm "4S" shop, through financial support, technical guidance tilt and projects and other measures to support the existing agricultural farm machinery repair outlets to the regional service center development, improve service quality, improve the service functions. At the same time, the integration of a variety of training resources, increase agricultural and farm machinery maintenance mechanic training vocational and technical appraisal efforts to cultivate a large number of technical precision, excellent service, brand loud farm machinery repair "craftsman", so that they become modern agriculture construction of the "blue-collar" beautiful countryside and the construction of a new "craftsman." (China's three rural network)