Disc Brake For Braking Advantage And Disadvantage

In today's rapid development of modern logistics, driven by the truck also rising level of technology, performance and vehicle speed increase over time, security has become the focus of public attention nowadays. Vehicle brake system is the core component of security, is now part of the truck is to break the traditional use of disc brakes to ensure traffic safety.


Brake disc ways advantages and disadvantages




1. A disc brake drum brake heat resistance than good, in a continuous stampede brakes are less likely to cause recession leaving brake brake failure phenomenon.


2. The disc brake system response fast, do high frequency braking action, which is more in line with demand for ABS systems.


3. The disc brake is not automatically brake drum brake effect immediately, so the brake force more evenly around the wheel.


4. The brakes due to a better drainage, water or sediment can be reduced because of the bad situation caused by the brakes.




1. In the heavy-duty truck, contained within the normal standard range, the braking effect is very stable. Conversely, the presence of overloading of heavy trucks, disc brake effect will be greatly discounted.


2. The disc brake friction area of the brake disc between the brake pads and drum brake is relatively small, so that the brake force is relatively 3. The brake pads wear large, replacement frequency may be higher.


3. Due to the long-term exposure to air brakes, it will inevitably be rust stains.