What's The Difference Between The Factory Parts And The Auxiliary Parts In The Auto Parts?

Maybe a lot of people know that the maintenance of customer service in deep water, shoddy in some regular repair shop or lax supervision, 4S shop, secretly put the things to happen frequently. Why is there such a situation? It is because the source of auto parts is very complex, including the so-called original parts, factory, deputy plant parts, car parts and so on, we must first understand that these things are what you mean?
Original parts
As the name suggests, the original parts are affixed with the car manufacturers logo accessories, belong to the most "pure" accessories, and their quality standards are the same as those in your car parts of the factory. Generally speaking, they are mainly supplied by regular 4S shops, and some can be bought in the same cooperation businesses, of course, the price is the most expensive.
 Positive parts
In general, many automotive parts are not their own production, but entrusted to some of the more experienced manufacturing suppliers to production, very well-known BOSCH (Bosch), is a specialized MAN brand, Valeo, Hella do these and so on. While they are producing accessories for automobile manufacturers, they are also allowed to produce the same standard fittings for self sale, but there is no logo mark of the car manufacturer on the merchandise. Generally speaking, the factory parts will be slightly cheaper than the original parts.

Auxiliary parts
The source of the Deputy plant parts has many kinds, the first kind is have the production qualification, material process and original pieces close, but for various reasons did not get the car manufacturers procurement qualification and supplier production related accessories; second, directly according to some vehicle parts specifications, imitate the produced parts, there will be differences in material technology but, have their own brand packaging; the last one is fake, simply direct original pieces or parts are factory high imitation goods.
Because the source of the accessory parts is very miscellaneous, the price is also uneven. The quality of the accessory parts may be half of the original price, and the inferior parts may not be as much as 1/4 or lower than the original parts

Scrap pieces
The sources of scrap pieces even more is no guarantee. Some car parts, is removed and put on a car accident, some new car, basically is the second-hand original parts, the parts price is not high, very cost-effective; and some car parts, it may be from scrap cars, car accident damaged parts removed two refurbished parts the quality, is not a reliable accessories.

Offline parts
Sometimes the maintenance or accessories store told them the so-called "offline", not only because there is a small flaw and knocked down the original pieces, there is no packaging, but in fact this line 99% is the Deputy plant parts, high imitation parts or scrap pieces, as the original line parts, mainly is flicker you duotao money just a few hundred.