Crystal Glass Mosaic Thickness And Advantages And Disadvantages

Crystal Glass mosaic, generally 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm these types of thicknesses. In the purchase, according to their own how we need to choose it


Our crystal glass mosaic thickness of several common to do a detailed analysis:


1, 4mm thickness crystal glass mosaic (currently on the market more of a glass mosaic)


The advantages are: the quality of light, the price is cheaper; disadvantages are: gloss is not enough, three-dimensional weak, and relatively easy to break, easy to fall off in the match with the wall, because the wall thickness generally is 8mm, so it is necessary a flat chisel, time consuming.


2. 5mm thickness glass mosaic (the market is not common, less production)


Similar to 4mm, but manufacturers generally produce 4mm and 6mm thickness glass mosaic.


3.  6mm thickness glass mosaic (more common on the market)

 On the gloss and three-dimensional relative 4mm products have greatly improved, products are now available in most of the arch of 6mm. Due to the common wall is 8mm, so the 6mm glass mosaic wall tiles and matching with not a lot.


4. 8mm thickness crystal glass mosaic (in the market is very large, the main varieties of exports)


Advantages are: good gloss, good sense of three-dimensional, not easily broken, can do more, such as Process: Binglie, frosting, etc., the thickness of the base to better use with floor tiles and wall tiles; drawback is: Quality Comparison heavy, expensive, about 4mm price more than doubled.