China Enviromental Procection Police In 2017

In the environmental protection department today held a regular press conference, the policies and regulations of Ministry of Environmental Protection Secretary Bie Tao responded in a section of environmental supervision to all enterprises "across the board" shut down control, the Ministry of environmental protection against some places usually not as clear, but check "abuse as" behavior.
Bie Tao said that the Ministry of environmental protection, environmental protection departments have never asked "across the board" on the enterprise performance, and there are two attitude is clear, is a part of the local opposition in the usual lax regulation, the illegal enterprise long-standing pollution of the environment, this kind of behavior is not as". The two part is usually not as opposed to the environmental protection supervision and inspection, inspection time, take the method is simple, rough, one-sided relationship processing development and environmental protection, "this is a serious irresponsible and indiscriminate as".


He introduced to enterprise problems, from the legal point of view, a lot is not approved before construction, approved the construction of discrepancies, acceptance of environmental protection facilities are not normal operation or not, exceed the standard or ultra total sewage, may not permit, there is, the environmental protection departments shall be ordered to correct the negative delay, refused to rectification, "these acts, we should not tolerate. For illegal enterprises, our laws and regulations have corresponding penalties".
Bie Tao believes that from a legal point of view, environmental regulation and law enforcement should have 3 principles: the first position or for illegal enterprises should adhere to the zero tolerance, strict law enforcement, law enforcement fairness; second on environmental law enterprises, should be treated fairly, protect the legal right to operate in accordance with the law; third of illegal enterprises, from the perspective of administrative law we have to abide by the procedures and conditions prescribed by law, classification management, reasonable guidance, reasonable administration according to law.