Car Group With Autonomous Self-driving Vehicles They Really Want To?

2015 was called car intelligent of of first year, car intelligent of technology of related topic heard, and just towards 2016 of car enterprises, in car future intelligent of of road Shang pace more is intense, recently a big wave car enterprises have punches automatically driving, especially in 2016 of CES technology exhibition Shang, the car enterprises of advanced technology show, automatically driving car really of fast came to we of life in the has did?

KIA was 2030 years ago on the road by self-driving car

2016-2030 smart drive to promote KIA officially announced schedule: 2016, concentrated in the ADAS sphere, attention to safety and convenient; by 2020 part of the autopilot functions, strive for zero accidents; by 2025 a highly automated driving features; 2030 fully automatic driving, enhance the quality of owner.

According to KIA's plans, over the next two years, will invest 2 billion dollars on automatic driving technology, advance driver assistance system in the short term, is expected by 2020, automatic parking and highway driving assist system spread to most vehicles.

Ford speed automatic drive test

On January 5, 2016, outside the CES exhibition in Las Vegas, 30 Ford Fusion (US version of the Mondeo) convoy drive hybrid vehicles undergoing technical tests show. Then the test will take place in Livonia State, Arizona and Michigan, continues. Prior to this, the fleet size of only 10 units.

The new team will adopt a new third-generation sensors to detect obstacles, detection range of more than 650 feet (about 198m), the sensing unit was placed on the roof, but compared with the previous generation has been significantly reduced. Ford said that mass production of these sensors will eventually be placed on the outer rear view mirror, the sensor number four of the test car will cut into two.

Raj Nair, Chief Technology Officer of Ford Motor Company said at CES show this year, expanding the test fleet size and uses the most advanced technology to accelerate the development of intelligent software algorithms, it is future millions of Ford production self-driving car protection.

Lyft GM invested 500 million dollars in hand development of automatic driving service

General Motors recently with United States car-sharing service provider partnership Lyft, GM will invest $ 500 million and create autonomous networks. Both sides said their cooperation is based on uniform perception of self-driving car, GM and Lyft think self-driving car in the future will be first applied to the field of car-sharing, rather than in the car.

This cooperation will continue to follow up the General in self-driving car and of Lyft in automated software research, create an automatic service network.