Car Antitrust Fight Combination: The High Price Of Imported Cars Will Become History

Regulators maintain competition in the automotive market environment made "continuous action". 7th the economic information daily from the NDRC price Bureau organization automotive industry symposium on Antitrust guidelines noted that six of the Antimonopoly Act companion to one of the auto industry's Antitrust guidelines draft has been finalized, is open to the community for comments. A day earlier, the Ministry of Commerce of the automobile sale management approach for public comment, intends to release the unauthorized operation of auto sales. Experts say that as the system gradually improved, automobile industry chain link monopolies will be broken up, existing value chain will be reshaped, past market some "problems", such as the high price of imported cars will become history.

Social discussion on monopoly in the auto industry began to increase from three years ago. At the time, many media question the high-end imported vehicles for domestic and overseas market there is a small gap, manufacturers almost throughout the sales process, "dominate" the whole value chain. Released by the China Association of automobile maintenance after the familiar model of "zero" was staggering, "cost of a Mercedes-Benz sedan all replacement parts can be purchased 12 new car" 's case became a hot topic in China's auto market. Introduced in 2005 directed by many experts of the auto brand sales management method, that the measures under Auto brand license business model gives sales management system of automobile manufacturers too much power, is a monopoly problem.

In recent years, appeared on the market several times on the way, the necessary amendments to the rumors, but not looking forward to official notification of the Ministry of Commerce. During this period, automobile industry's antitrust enforcement efforts begin to exert. NDRC's price supervision Bureau starting from 2014, total automotive sector agreements 12 cases were investigated, total fines 2.047 billion yuan, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler and other auto giants have folded under the anti-monopoly, and paid the price for their previous violations in the market.

According to the NDRC price Bureau, Zhang Handong told reporters, according to the State Council Antimonopoly Committee work plan, national development and Reform Commission is responsible for the drafting of the automotive industry since last year Antitrust guidelines, has now established guidelines of the draft, the next step will be open to the community for comments. Guide the formulation and promulgation, help prevent industry monopoly, to protect fair competition, protecting consumer interests and public interests, and promote the healthy development of the automobile industry; in the promotion of transparency in law enforcement, while ensuring scientific and effective antitrust regulation, reduce administrative costs and reduce business compliance costs.

Car production manufacturers and dealer of contradictions has a long history, due to producers full control market, and has absolute discourse right, so dealer even independent business are hard do, including pricing right, and parts supply, and sale Hou market service, will was interference, and this is previously of car industry anti-monopoly law enforcement practice in the most common of a phenomenon, so guide of developed by has many industry within dealer of support. Further topics in the market, the Ministry finally issued the regulation on auto sales draft.

This draft makes it clear that dealers can sell without the vendor is authorized to sell cars, or without a foreign car manufacturer sales of imported cars, however, it should be expressly and in writing to the consumer to make a special alert, and be sure to tell the consumer responsibility. This means that auto sales since mandates was broken, dealers will be allowed to cross-brand car sales, supplier a monopoly also were broken, parallel import cars at the regulatory level has also been recognized.