In Order To Break Through The Big Pattern Of The Automobile Market, The Integration Of The Deep And The Benefits

With the steady growth of the quantity of auto ownership in China and the youth of the consumer group, there is a huge space for the development of the electric business in the post market. This judgment is recognized by Roland Begg management consulting (Roland Berger), one of the world's top management consulting firms.

In the first half of 2017, the annual comprehensive report of "the comprehensive analysis of China's automobile aftermarket electricity market" 2017 in the first half of the year showed that with the steady growth of China's car ownership and the younger consumption group, there will be huge room for development of the market electricity supplier. This judgment is recognized by Roland Begg management consulting (Roland Berger), one of the world's top management consulting firms.

The forecast of China's auto market in 2016

The great potential of the post market market is an indisputable fact

The third party market research and consulting company's report shows that the scale of China's automobile aftermarket is expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan in 2017, and after that, the market will continue to expand its potential and achieve the sales volume of about 1 trillion and 654 billion yuan in 2021.

In September 2016, the BAT tycoon Ali said: at present, there are only 2 million stores in the market, and 95% of the stores are facing elimination. At the end of 2017, Ali Auto plans to open 2 million car wharf stores throughout the country. However, 2017 over half a year, online car terminal Ali but without the slightest movement, Ali related products on Tmall actual sales situation is not optimistic, auto repair shop cooperation Ali and the line, hoping to use the huge capital and flow quickly get users to seize the line market, but it can not line shop from Ali burn pain, pain after the car market is not only reflected in the body of Ali, many of its parts such as giant SAIC, solid gold also encountered the same situation.

In November 1, 2017 November 1st, Jingdong in Beijing automobile service strategy, unbounded conference, officially announced the Jingdong in the automotive supplies business on the basis of the field to enter the B2B, completely open up between the automobile market brands, dealers, maintenance, consumers of the whole industry chain. In the post market direction, Jingdong will open up supply chain integration capabilities, technology capabilities and logistics capabilities to brands, agents and maintenance providers, and connect the online and offline industries to the whole industry chain.

Although the market is big, the problem is still constant

However, although the market is large, it still faces the pain points of low service efficiency, miscellaneous service standards, uneven quality of products and opaque price in the initial stage. 1 vehicles have been carried out in Beijing, Shanghai, Langfang line under investigation, which lasted 1 months (mid December 2017 will be the Guangzhou market survey), the line generally reflect the problem of service station is not a sense of participation, big data service solutions without timely feedback to businesses, online platform and offline pace coordination service station inconsistent and so on, 1 car CEO advanced that these are just the surface phenomenon, how to make the service station have a sense of participation, sense of ownership is the key to solve the problem gradually.

With the benefit of the service station, we can break through the large pattern of the post market

Through the ownership structure, businesses can become owners in the real sense, especially entrepreneurs, who are more sensitive. Of course, some investors also include how to set up equity dividends and the nature of them, so that the service stations can enjoy dividends from equity businesses. Only let the service station pay attention to the total operation of the online platform, so that the offline users will gradually transfer to the online consumption and benefit from it.

Good product is always the core business, the Internet car maintenance platform is a lot of innovation in a superficial reform, the mobile terminal based on LBS and so on, little attention to consumer decision factors change, in-depth research and analysis of consumer spending habits, consumption factors, consumption frequency, market environment, in order to provide a better user more appropriate service.

Too much from the service station business interests, let the service station cooperation at. FMCG automobile market is different from the food and clothing, safety factor behind relates to consumers are very concerned about the online platform is only accurate display of information recommendation, consumers are more concerned about the nature of the service station of the line, let the service station to pay more attention to the service for the user to bring high experience is particularly important, platform needs to benefit from online consumption expand the service station, service station, platform, let consumers together, showing benefit, win-win cooperation community needs.

"The car market after the fight is not just rely on money to fight, the plight of Ali, the solid gold has proved that, to fully play the role of service stations, service stations and the platform will benefit the interests of binding together, create more revenue for the service station, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the service station is a breakthrough point after the car market, 1 car CEO advanced says