From the central European special train to overseas factories, parts enterprises try their best to practice
"One of the The Belt and Road in key projects, is the opening of the central European train. At present, many Chinese cars and parts are transported through central Europe special trains to central Europe and countries along the way.
Two years ago, when he was in the headquarters of Aeolus Aeolus, party secretary and chairman of Limited by Share Ltd, the Chinese Chemical Rubber Co., Ltd. party secretary Wang Feng said to reporters, Zheng European trains opened shortly after the wind became the first round of the whole train brand. Most of the raw materials of Fengshen tire are imported from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and other places. They arrive at the ports along the East China Sea by sea, and then arrive in Henan, Jiaozuo by land transportation. Take Zheng Ou class, Fengshen tire has been in Central Asia, Europe and many other smooth opening of the market.
At present, all electronic, Fuyao Glass and some other China brand auto parts enterprises have been in The Belt and Road "radiation nation set up a production base, including many auto parts, Hangsheng electronics companies are planning to build factories. Ningbo joyson electronic Limited by Share Ltd chairman Wang Jianfeng told reporters: "the company" along the way "along with many production base in Poland, such as Romania, Macedonia and India to build a factory in Eastern Europe and an industrial robot factory." According to the reporter, Fuyao has been in Russia to establish a production base for vehicle enterprises."

Has the factory in the "The Belt and Road" countries of many companies, but more companies are planning. Shenzhen Hangsheng electronics Limited by Share Ltd President Yang Hong told reporters: "we have a plan to promote the" is The Belt and Road 'national construction project."
In September 20th, China automobile industry association director of International Cooperation Department Chen Yuanzhi told reporters: "Belt and Road Initiative 'to Chinese the development of auto parts industry upgrade obvious, bear the brunt of the expanding market demand. As we all know, China's auto parts exports destination countries are large, but mainly in Europe and the United states. "The Belt and Road 'radiation national market demand is very large, this is the development of China's auto parts enterprises to expand the opportunity, but also a breakthrough."
Forced parts industry to upgrade The Belt and Road "means more than products go out, more important is to consolidate the industry off the virtual reality, the real from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading, the auto parts industry is particularly prominent. Wang Feng once said, "Belt and Road Initiative" innovation will promote the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, such as the manufacturing process of the tire product and the product itself will be gradually intelligent. Chinese enterprises really want to go out, there are a lot of opportunities in the Belt and Road Initiative along the countries and regions.