Basic Types Of Milking Machines

The Milking machine industry in our country is milking trolley,it  has been as the main milking machine  equipped with a zero-based domestic parts, the total number of annual sales of around five parlor ten milking station 3-4 sets, so I want to develop the milking machine there is much work to be done. Here we organize under the basic types of milking machine.


    Milking machine market to Titong and main pipeline, pail milking machine is divided into mobile and stationary, mobile as long as the main locomotive milking, milking trolley piston and is divided into single-bucket.


   Pipeline milking machine is divided into mobile and fixed, mobile divided into pipeline, fixed to the milking station mainly divided into rotary milking station, platform and tunnel type - serial, parallel, echelon (herringbone), mounted in such a milking station used more

milking trolley:

milking parlor