Auto Parts Response To A Multi-pronged Anti-dumping

With a positive attitude, it is possible to win. Therefore, actively responding to the critical first step. Insiders said that auto parts enterprises to deal with anti-dumping needs to be done and many ready to establish a set of standardized processes, enhance ability to resist risks.


    In the international market damaged the interests and safeguard the interests of enterprises the best weapon is the law. However, language barriers often lead to Chinese enterprises on the local law is not clear, do not understand international law, but also created legal consciousness, not responding positively. "In many surveys, often parts enterprises in the survey was the beginning of a rigorous review process taken unawares, had to retreat." Said auto industry analyst Zhang Zhiyong.


    I learned that, due to the import policy is not familiar with the law, there is no professional legal team with guidance and support business talent, do not do business will respond to the survey plans in disarray. "Familiar with and carefully study the technical regulations of the importing country, the market environment and business rules can actively and effectively respond to trade friction." Dr. Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation Ministry of Commerce, Wang said.



After familiar with the law, the investigation must also be able to respond adequately to have sufficient evidence, therefore, retain the data accumulated in the production process is essential. It was informed that, due to the presence of many small and medium enterprises accounts is unclear, the original documents and business transaction incomplete files, financial data and other problems caused by irregularities in the investigation can not withstand verification. Document production costs, trading is the main evidence of the respondent. Cost records to prove parts are sold according to the market price, the standardized financial data can increase the likelihood of successful enterprises. Even if the company loses, the collected data will also affect the real magnitude of tariffs.


    But the most difficult parts enterprises encounter problems or costs in responding to the process. Responding to the need to hire a professional team in the importing country, the costs incurred for exports of small businesses, can not afford. I learned from the stakeholders, enterprises can rely on industry associations to hire a team of experts to help cope with the storm, the costs incurred by the surveyed companies shared; while in favor of case studies, lessons learned and processes to other companies defensive training to help business trends Lee Nourishing, enhanced ability to resist risks.


    If the political and other complex factors involved in the importing country deliberately set up barriers to industry development, the timely intervention of the State is required to protect domestic enterprises.


    In addition, to go abroad, overseas investment in recent years has become an effective way to build factories parts enterprises avoid trade risks, such as Fuyao Glass, exquisite tires. "In addition to be able to avoid trade risks, factories abroad can also take advantage of local resources to increase exports, reduce logistics costs and avoid exchange rate fluctuations." Said Zhang Zhiyong, but only when the company developed to a certain scale have the strength to open up the international road. To avoid the anti-dumping measures is still to improve the core competitiveness of the product, take the difference of the road, can not simply rely on low prices to gain market advantage.