Auto Parts Information Need Open Widely

Car enterprises and 4S stores as the main stakeholders, maintenance information and the original parts of the information is not transparent, so that the car repair market monopoly situation has not been improved for a short period of time. Although the relevant state departments have launched the "vehicle maintenance technical information disclosure management measures" and "new car sales management approach", automobile producers, distributors and customer service service providers to publicly express car accessories customer service information and service price list. But Guangzhou daily all media reporters recently visited the local car aftermarket repair and maintenance market, found that some brands have not yet fully publicized its model parts and components specific information.

Interpretation: wide range of information disclosure

The new "auto sales management measures", which will be formally implemented in July 1st, stipulates that auto manufacturers, distributors and after-sale service providers need to publicize their parts information and price details. As early as October 2015, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other eight ministries jointly issued the "automobile maintenance technical information disclosure management measures", maintenance of information technology requirements of the automobile maintenance operators, consumers and producers to open the sale of Automotive related operators, in order to break the monopoly of vehicle maintenance and repair in the field of.

According to the requirements of these measures, public information, must have the parts catalogue, including automotive producers to provide for customer service service name, the original parts and parts trademark number, change, upgrade, upgrade information, and is convenient to determine the specific vehicle car parts for the necessary information. At the same time, information technology car prices also open maintenance, regular maintenance projects, including vehicle inspection content, maintenance operation and maintenance interval is set according to the methods, assembly method, assembly and parts of the technical specification and illustrates, component detection method and differential diagnosis information; circuit connector specifications; specification auto repair factory after mastering this information can provide accurate vehicle maintenance and homogeneous parts replacement services for owners, such as 4S and shop maintenance services to form the competitive situation.

Reporter survey: there are still a small number of brands "reserved open""

The relevant departments of the popular models "car than zero survey found that some models of zero integer ratio up to 830.49%, highlighting the high maintenance cost of our customer service.

Vice Minister of transportation Liu Xiaoming said that the international automobile spare parts with zero integer ratio 3 times is normal.


Recently, the reporter from the 4S entity store and the official website of the two channels to investigate, found that although the "measures" date of implementation has been approaching, but there are still some car prices have not yet fully complied with the regulations. The network channels, in which the car than zero luxury car brand with high coefficients for example, Benz, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar Land Rover and other luxury brands, the website provides a very convenient Web links, and clear mark's vehicle parts prices and maintenance package details.

But there are many brands of confusing, such as Audi, Lexus, Volvo, etc. Although the Lincoln customer service page, but many did not express information.

1. official website survey

To BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, Infiniti, for example, the official website can clearly find after-sales service sector, clear list of various maintenance packages price list. Even the price calculator, the owner can choose online through the official website, car models, vehicle age and mileage, the system will automatically recommend maintenance packages and the corresponding cost, and contains the parts and the cost of working hours.

Have done enough companies, such as Audi, although the website provides detailed information of original spare parts accessories, but only products there is no specific price; Porsche official website can be found in different parts of the original hardcover price models; Lexus official website can be found a part of parts information model; Volvo official website also provides the different models of the basic maintenance standards, but not with the price; Lincoln official website can check to the vehicle maintenance package recommended price, but the price did not indicate the specific project; no price list clear Cadillac official website, only gives SAIC automotive pure accessories web link.