Auto Parts Have Ten Fears. Do You Know Anything About Them?

The temperature of the engine piston is too high, easily lead to overheating and melting holding cylinder; overheating rubber seals, triangle tape, tire, premature aging, decreased performance, shorten the service life; the coil overheating starter, generator, regulator and other electrical equipment, easy to burn and scrap; maintain appropriate temperature, such as vehicle bearing overheating can make the lubricating oil quickly deteriorated, resulting in damage to the vehicle bearing burned.

Two afraid of "dirty""
Fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter screen and various parts such as if too dirty, will lead to the filtering effect of variation, too many impurities into the oil cylinder, increasing the mechanical wear, increase the possibility of failure; if serious congestion, will cause the vehicle can not work normally.

Three "series"
Various parts of diesel engine fuel system, drive axle main reducer is the master-slave gear, hydraulic control valve block and valve, hydraulic steering gear of the valve core and the valve sleeve, the mate parts manufactured by special processing and grinding, paired with a very precise and, in the lifetime of use always in pairs, not interchangeable.

Four afraid of "reverse""
The engine cylinder gasket can not be installed when it is installed, otherwise it will cause premature damage to the cylinder pad; the piston ring of some special shape can not be installed, so the assembly should be carried out according to the requirements of different types of machines;

Five afraid of "missing""
In the maintenance of vehicles, some small pieces may be omitted due to negligence, and even some people think that the installation does not matter, and it is very dangerous and harmful.

Six afraid of "oil""
Engine dry air filter paper filter, strong hygroscopicity, such as with oil, easy to make the mixture concentration high suction cylinder, the air volume, increased fuel consumption, engine power is reduced, the diesel engine can also cause runaway"

Seven afraid of washing"
Some of the first drivers or beginner repair personnel may think that all spare parts need to be cleaned, in fact, this knowledge is one-sided.

Eight afraid of "pressure""
Nine afraid of "near fire""
Ten afraid of repetition"