Auto Parts Enterprises Urgently Need To Break Channel Monopoly

Previously, "China Auto News" has published exclusive "national legislation or will break auto parts monopoly" and channel tracking reports, which referred to by experts called for legislation requiring car manufacturers open vehicle maintenance technical information, no limit to the independent car manufacturers accessories manufacturers customer service market sales of spare parts, prohibit car manufacturers accessories manufacturers in their own restrictions product labeling. At the same time, sub factory parts are redefined, which are called quality equivalent or aftermarket parts. The appeal of experts by many auto parts enterprises, many auto manufacturers responsible for telephone inquiries for more details. It's a good thing! Can your media publicize more and promote legislation to be established and implemented as soon as possible? In March 19th, a large auto parts sales company Zhang told reporters when he said that he was on a business trip to the whole vehicle factory maintenance relationship. As Zhang Chang, as expected these measures, as soon as possible legislation of parts and components enterprises are not in the minority.


Restrictions on the sale of more harm

With the growth of automobile sales in our country slowing down gradually, a large number of auto parts enterprises have the ability to provide more quality and high priced parts for the auto parts market. However, the restrictions of the whole vehicle factory make the auto parts enterprises hard to make.


A number of auto parts enterprises responsible person told the reporter, the vehicle factory limited independent sales auto parts enterprises auto parts products, only through OEM sales channels for OEM with the host plant into the 4S store and designated service station. This is clearly stated in the agreement between the two suppliers.

The restrictions have had a big impact on the industry. Do not limit the parts and components enterprises to sell their products independently, and to promote the maintenance of information disclosure, the market will not be so chaotic, monopoly will not be so fierce! A person in charge of auto parts enterprises said.

Restrictions on vehicle companies impede the flow of better products to the market. If the auto parts enterprises can supply their own products, we can provide quality products for the market, the price is far lower than the 4S shop price, and will be slightly higher than the OEM price. This is good news for both consumers and auto makers.