Audi Will Push A New Generation Of A3 Automatic Driving System Will Be Upgraded

This year, Audi launched its compact car Audi A3 modified models, and has been listed on the previous overseas. China Netcom from the German media Autobild was informed that Audi plans to launch a new generation of A3. The new car will use a new design, and the vehicle system is expected to increase the driver's auxiliary function.

The new car will use a more prominent body lines and large size wheels to make it more sporty. In addition, the new A3 face shape is also more sharp, including larger grille and other narrow headlights.

The new A3 will use the virtual cockpit technology, and add a variety of driver assistance systems. In addition, the automatic driving system of new car is expected to further upgrade, the sensor in support of landmark recognition function at the same time, is expected to identify the surrounding vehicles, automatic driving mode is expected to reach a maximum speed of 130 kilometers.

Audi will provide a variety of different displacement engines, respectively, 1 liters three cylinder engine, maximum power of 85 kilowatts, 1.4 liters of four turbocharged cylinder engine, the maximum power of 136 kilowatts. In addition, it also includes a displacement of 2 liters of diesel engine.