Are Working On Smart Cars, Traffic, GB

Reporters from multiple channels, are combined with several companies including security, traffic, norms, protocols, technical standards, for future unmanned, connectivity, intelligent vehicle technologies laid the Foundation for industrial development.

Geely Chairman Li shufu said in the interview, to confirm the above information. According to him, the Ministry is talking to Geely's Volvo company joint research to advance one drive, development of the Internet industry, covering multiple technologies and industry standards.

Mr Li believes that, to unmanned, connectivity as a representative of the intelligent vehicle industry, is the future direction for the development of the auto industry, including some automakers, Volvo has made certain achievements. But the industry is still at the early stage, interconnecting people and cars, cars and cars, vehicles and the external environment of the Internet connectivity, and the interconnection of different automobile manufacturers automobile, still do not have a recognized and comply with the standards, which will pose a huge obstacle to development of intelligent automobile industry in the future.

Mr Li introduced according to industry experience, domestic industry and related sectors should begin as early as possible, and prepare for the future development of intelligent automobile industry. Should be led by the Government, related to the establishment of autonomous and intelligent Internet project group, setting up connectivity and intelligent Internet car development strategies, techniques, and other related standards. Such as connectivity and automatic driving safety standards planning and communication protocols, data security, cloud services, and with international organizations and standard docking. Meanwhile, formulate industrial policies and legislation, particularly in areas such as traffic law enforcement, insurance liability, hackers. In addition, should also be ready in terms of urban planning, including infrastructure, intelligent traffic planning, intelligence, urban planning and so on.

United States Boston Consulting Group study predicts that by 2035, the world will have 18 million cars have some drone function, 12 million cars fully driverless cars, will become the largest market in China.

It is understood that currently has 18 companies worldwide involved in the field of driverless cars, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Toyota's traditional auto makers, as well as Internet giants like Google. At home, in addition to Baidu's early involvement outside the Beijing auto, Guangzhou automobile, SAIC, Chang an, BYD 5 auto maker also is in the field of driverless cars deep for many years.

Companies to enter the field of smart cars, fancy is its great market prospect. The concept of think-tank had expected, the market for smart cars in China will exceed 150 billion yuan. If taking into account the huge auto after-sales service market is expected to exceed one trillion.