Alert! This Seven Parts Manufacturing Company Has Quietly Entered The Automobile Market

1.Automotive parts company into the automotive market has unique conditions, with the advantages of Bosch to build the huge maintenance wireless network, these small and medium sized domestic auto parts companies are often overlooked, in fact, they have become a vehicle after inhibition backbone market, the use of spare parts have their own advantages and automotive market another understand that they are important participants in the automotive industry chain is the automobile entrepreneur market.

2, German Allianz Group - in order to cut oil production for self B2C electricity supplier

With the development of China's automobile industry, and gradually grow into a distinctive automotive chemicals business advantage. German Allianz Group predecessor Shenlian Industries was founded in 1992, mainly to sales of chemical raw materials; since 1996 with the signing of the German chemical giant BASF automotive fine chemicals cooperation after officially entered the automotive sector. Since then, the company Products gradually enter the European and American vehicle manufacturers supply chain system; at the same time also gradually expand the company's business, met with 潘兴东, Dow Chemical, Afton, and gradually into the engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, power steering fluid, automotive adhesives, fuel additives fields. Development echelon clear, antifreeze and adhesives business is the company's current main product, oil products focus on expanding the company's products, fuel additives is future potential varieties.

3, Qingdao Double Star - Star Monkey flagship tire B2C mobile internet service

Qingdao Double Star Double Star Group's listed companies, including two tires and mechanical services. Double Star Tire is a listed company in which the leading industries, Double Star Tire is the world's leading tire manufacturer, under the Qingdao base, Shiyan. Double Star Tire overall strength ranks the top 5 Chinese tire industry, the world's top 20 tire industry.

4, Aeolus - nurture "Love Goodrich" aftermarket brand

Aeolus is currently the largest domestic engineering tire companies, steel tire production in the forefront, now beginning to enter the field of semi-steel tire. The company currently has 600 million sets of steel tires, 600,000 sets of OTR and 500 million sets of semi-steel tire production capacity. Steel tire is the number of mainstream manufacturers accessory products, export markets in Europe is China's first brand. In 2012, the company began selling semi-steel tire products and the introduction of love Goodrich brand service shops, tire sales, while providing value-added repair and maintenance services, and complementary sales.

5, Kim wheel 6, Pioneer new material - keep a car equity worry, after the electricity supplier to enter the marketrace - training "car easy with" after-market electricity supplier.

7, Lungi machinery - Hand "Yian car" after market layout


In future Auto parts market in the future will be some competitive vigor, various companies are testing hand, will present more intense in the market.