After Car Market: Immeasurable Money Scene, And Unpredictable Risks

At present, the electronic business platform has become the main purchase channel of auto parts and supplies, and brand and price have become important factors affecting self purchase. However, compared with some online large-scale integrated electricity supplier for the car market after the breakdown of the industry can not be focused and professional, for the third party seller is unable to solve the problem of fake, false prices higher, more and more enterprises are trying to import mode.
Including Volkswagen, general motors, Mercedes Benz, BMW and other enterprises, have launched self owned online auto supplies sales platform. In addition to providing affordable prices, but also to control quality, and its authorized distributors in line installation, obvious advantages. Some analysts believe that self electric providers can strictly control the process of circulation of goods, to ensure maximum quality, so get the owner's favor.
The formation and consolidation of new consumer habits, a number of outstanding emerging e-commerce platform will stir up the responsibility for market change.
Auto insurance fee change, benefit the business and benefit the people
The first half of this year, with the arrival of insurance fee change, further intensified competition in the industry, add gunpowder.
In June 9th, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued "on the adjustment of commercial auto insurance rates and management related issues notice", that will further expand the insurance company's independent pricing, commercial auto insurance rates float down coefficient limit, by means of the market to further reduce the level of commercial auto insurance rates, which marks the official start of the implementation of insurance fee change.
The impact of the change fee, insurance premium, payment adequacy rate will be reduced, the mismanagement of the insurance company will be eliminated, and the higher management level of insurance companies will further expand market share.
For consumers, the cost change, the national auto insurance premiums can be reduced to as low as 62% off, and some areas can even lower. For example, a car owner with good driving habits is insured in a sound insurance company, and the premium may fall by 20% below the cost.
Fei changed the background, the Internet giant also actively layout auto insurance industry. For car owners, the Internet giant to enter the insurance industry, may mean that after purchase auto insurance services more convenient and more affordable, but for the entire industry, this also indicates that the "insurance + Internet" campaign has begun.

Insiders said that the electricity supplier company car networking platform, the insurance company can collect vast amounts of customer information, through the use of large data analysis techniques, to research on the difference of customer characteristics, risk orientation, car driving habits, etc., the characteristics of different customers to launch new insurance products more personalized, more in line with the requirements of customers and based on the different needs of research and development. For example, according to the gender attribute, customer driving time, mileage, driving habits, preference car environment tailored risk management plan, driving low risk customers will enjoy lower premiums. At the same time, the insurance company can also according to the customer use of the risk, big data analysis and research, for customers of different amount of tailored car risk management services, guide the customer cognition of their car risk.
Ability to be mentioned, standard to rise
Although China's automobile market dynamic, but its development is not a smooth road.
The crisis of confidence caused by the opacity of information is the biggest crisis facing the post market. In the past, auto parts and auto repair information were in the hands of operators, and consumers knew nothing about it. Today, although there is a network platform, consumers can have a certain understanding of the relevant consumer, but because of the professionalism is too strong, consumers are still difficult to achieve consumption plainly. Then, some unscrupulous businessmen to deceive consumers, shoddy, excessive consumption, and ultimately triggered a crisis of confidence in the market. If we want to change this situation, we must introduce professional and standardized services to build an equal and smooth consumption environment.
Industry experts said that after the car market entry threshold is low, practitioners lack legal awareness, technical quality and promotion space, which has become a major bottleneck restricting the sustained development of the automotive maintenance industry".
In today's fierce market competition, many enterprises invest a lot of money in the maintenance of workshop, after the transformation of the upgrading of equipment, many domestic automobile maintenance enterprise human resources has been unable to meet the needs of modern automobile maintenance, high grade, low proportion of skilled personnel to receive professional training of the talents of low percentage, low wages, do not leave talent and so on, troubled automotive aftermarket enterprises. Therefore, "a person of rare talent, talent is hard to keep" this is a lot of automobile maintenance enterprises facing problems. This problem has also become a key factor to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of enterprises.
Under the influence of various factors, the whole industry has immeasurable "money" scene, and it is full of unpredictable risks. After the market operators must constantly reflect on, and constantly improve their ability to form a standardized understanding, in order to make the whole post market more rational and orderly operation, but also to customers more trust and recognition of the business.