7 Major Automotive Technology Forecasts In 2018: The Rise Of Battery Progress And The Rise Of Cars

More transboundary cars and SUV

In 2017, we saw a lot of new SUV and cross - border cars listed, but it should not be surprising to have a little attention. In 2014, cross-border cars and SUV were popular in the United States, selling more than cars and increasing demand. The latest data show that car sales have continued to decline, and the sales of cross-border cars, SUV and trucks are increasing.

More and more high-performance cars

Once a long time, running is a very small market, only a few very famous models. Now the number is up. In 2017, we saw Mcclaren Senna, Mercedes Benz AMGProjectOne, Aston Martin Valkyrie, Hennessey VenomF5.

The technology of electric vehicles and batteries is becoming more and more advanced

In 2018, there should be no small progress in electric vehicles and battery technology. Despite the Trump administration's reversal of history and the regulation of fuel consumption regulations, the pressure to improve the efficiency of the car will not dissipate in the short term. Before 2022, the current requirements will not be relaxed, and what will be stipulated later, we do not know yet. The pressure is not only in the United States, but in Europe and Asia. Even in Europe, there are more and more electric cars. According to speculates, there will be more and more investment in electric cars and batteries.

Extension of autopilot Technology

In 2017, many automatic driving technologies came out, such as new safety system or upgraded version of safety system. Many autopilot technologies were tested on highways, and enterprises continuously announced that they were going to invest in technology. Autopilot technology is promising, and auto makers are racing to bring technology to consumers in a meaningful way.

The rise of networked cars

In addition to the emergence of new autopilot functions, the "connectivity" of cars will also rise to a new level in 2018, and then the automobile and digital life will be further integrated. Renault Symbioz appeared at the 2017 Frankfurt auto show, which is the best example of "interconnect". Technology is highly integrated, it even becomes a part of the house, the car has become a "complete" living space, can be adjusted according to demand.

New ownership model, new car purchase experience, new display model

How does the car run? What kind of experience does it bring? New technology is not only related to these things, it is also changing the buying experience of new cars. Lyft and Uber take over the taxi industry. The automakers are optimistic about the new paid subscription ownership mode. The new mode allows buyers who don't plan to buy cars to fit in with young people. Volvo, Porsche is considering the subscription model, if really implemented, other companies may also imitate.

Chinese manufacturers are entering the United States

Many of the goods that Americans consume are made in China, but Chinese cars are an exception. In spite of this, Chinese enterprises have not given up and are still working hard. For example, Geely bought Volvo, making four cars in China and selling it to Americans. Americans are making cars in China, for example, general motors in Chinese manufacturing Cadillac CT6 plug-in hybrid vehicles, Buick Envision, Ford is also making cars in Chinese. This trend is becoming more and more popular, and Chinese companies are fully likely to enter the American market