AHTE 2017 Promotes The Automation And Intelligent Development Of Auto Parts Assembly

With the development of economy globalization and science and technology, the requirement of automobile manufacturing technology is also increasing. In order to improve the competitiveness of the automobile manufacturing enterprises, the most important thing is to master the intelligent manufacturing technology, and carry out the transformation and upgrading of the automobile manufacturing industry. Auto parts, as an important part of the automobile, are directly related to the development of the automobile industry. AHTE 2017 (the Eleventh Shanghai international industrial assembly and transmission technology exhibition, hereinafter referred to as: Shanghai International Industrial Equipment Exhibition) as automated production assembly international event, will also lead the auto parts manufacturing industry upgrade wisdom.
The exhibition will be 2017.9.5-8 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center E5, E6, E7 Museum, there will be nearly 350 exhibitors will bring the system integration solutions and equipment auto parts manufacturing industry during the exhibition, such as factory automation, intelligent solutions, flexible assembly system integration solutions, intelligent logistics solutions (materials handling, transport machinery, etc.), three-dimensional shelf of machine vision, engineering automation management technology, 3D printing technology, flexible assembly technology, error proofing and Traceability Technology, robot automation application etc..


Nearly 350 exhibitors have brought solutions to the automotive component manufacturing industry
AHTE 2017 BOZHON, StramaMPS, ruhlamat, GEFIT, dimension, day care, Junsheng Puri cisens, Ou KUKA, FANUC, Po, abb, SMC, Festo, Weiss, BECKHOFF, BALLUFF, Sick, BBS, Kistler, Dili, Ma, Ling Chong, general motors, MITSUBISHI, channel code, SEW Martin, Schmid, Xing Xu and other industrial machinery will be unveiled.
AHTE 2017 Shanghai International Assembly exhibition, the latest technology, solutions, the first to see
This exhibition Sidelama, BBS, Yi Sen, Vizyszto, Schmid, Ling and other industry giants gathered, and will bring auto parts manufacturing automation, flexible assembly system integration solutions, promote the development of the 4 industry.


Transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry for power production mode of automobile parts, J Lama (Booth No.: AHTE 2017 E7-J10) assembly line for turbocharger display is the world's leading flexible manufacturing system, suitable for large and small batch product type platform. The assembly line features: rapid and accurate: high-speed production line, production time less than 23 seconds; modular design, flexible manufacturing, now supports 13 kinds of products, can be three consecutive class homework; quick change: 15 minutes to complete the change; stable quality: reliability technology for more than 95% acc. to 3423 VDI compact; type a space saving design; with error proofing design, mechanical electronic double protection.