2017 New Year Summary And Belssing!

The old year has exhibition thousand jin, new year and then into the hundred foot pole! Full of hope for the future, we will usher in the hope of 2017. At the dawn of the new year, ZIBO BAIWANG MACHINERY CO. LTD, has been to support the development of the company's customers around the world, and domestic partners to express our heartfelt gratitude! Thank you for your support and cooperation, joint efforts. Thanks to struggling in auto parts BRAKE DISC, BRAKE DRUM, BRAKE S-CAM SHAFTS, NUTS fasteners, STEEL BALLS steel ball machinery industry, the vast number of friends.

Passion and sweat achievements in the past, wisdom and tenacity into the future. The new year, we will continue to maintain the fine style of hard struggle, the self pressurized, free from arrogance and impetuosity, continue to improve, to calmly deal with various risks and challenges, and constantly create a new situation in the work of the company, to achieve sound and rapid development!


In 2017, a new starting point, new heights! The new year opens the new hope, new start bearing new dream. In the face of new challenges and opportunities, we will continue to be full of passion, as in the past to play the role of each person! What a difficult fear, what obstacles stand? In the new year, let us work together to open a new era of entrepreneurship development history of machinery industry! Let us work with concerted efforts, together with efforts to witness our cause the great leap forward development, together with the experience of hard struggle and passionate years, together with thanksgiving to share the joy of success! Let us continue to carry forward the unity and hard work, courage first spirit and courage to jointly develop the pull together in times of trouble, we ZIBO BAIWANG MACHINERY CO., LTD machinery exports cause more brilliant tomorrow!