2017 Global Automotive Parts Suppliers Top 100 List: 5 Chinese Enterprises Shortlisted (photo)

"Automotive News" (U.S. Automotive News) released in 2017 global automotive spare parts supplier hundred list. BOSCH, ZF, Magna were among the top three, a total of five finalists Chinese enterprises this year, the best performance is Yanfeng, ranked fourteenth.
"Automotive News" began to organize global auto parts supplier since 2004, has issued 13 copies of the list, according to the annual supplier last year in the automotive industry supporting the market in business revenue (Sales) ranking. As a result, in 2017, the world's top 100 suppliers of parts and components released in the 2016 annual supplier performance.
"Automotive News" in the selection of 100, with the same auto parts manufacturers supporting business revenue for the measure, it is more focused on the scale of operation, and can not cover technology, manpower, and other aspects of patent. The reason why some of the larger suppliers did not appear on the list, and the "American Automobile News" required statistical information. The media each selected 100, companies need to provide the company name, location, contact information and related data, usually a higher degree of internationalization, pay attention to the top 100 enterprises will be matched, thus may get a space for one person. And some well-known manufacturers have a larger business scale according to common sense, but they are not listed on the list, may not provide relevant information.


China's 5 enterprises shortlisted for the best record in the calendar year
The number of companies listed on this year's list of the China also hit a record high, a total of 5 finalists China enterprises, respectively, Yanfeng Inalfa, CITIC Dicastal, Dechang motor and minth group, respectively ranked fourteenth, sixty-sixth, seventy-first, 81, 93. Inalfa, Dechang and the motor for the new listed enterprises, including Inalfa with revenue of $3 billion 137 million last year among the list of sixty-sixth, Dechang motor and minth group in eighty-first and ninety-third. CITIC Dicastal this year rose 6 ranking, ranked seventy-first.
2012-2013 years, only one Chinese enterprises finalists, 2014-2016 years, respectively, two Chinese enterprises finalists. 2014 nominated Chinese enterprises were ranked 83 CITIC Dicastal Limited by Share Ltd and ranked 98 in the Dechang motor. 2015 Yanfeng shortlisted finalists for the first time, he ranked twenty-sixth CITIC Dicastal; from 2014 87 to 2015 81; Dechang motor fell 100. In 2016, Yanfeng among the top eighteenth, a best China top 100 enterprises; CITIC Dicastal from 81 in 2015 rose to 77.