2016 Motor Trend Best Driver's Car

From MOTOR TREND news as follow:

 2016 Best Driver’s Car competition is the most competitive in the award’s nine-year history. This year, 12 automakers sent their best sports cars, supercars, and ponycars our way for a week of incredibly vigorous testing. In fact, if you’ll allow us to brag for a moment, we had so many contenders that we had to institute a one-car-per-manufacturer rule for this competition—more on that in a sec.

This year,there are 6,484 horsepower worth of cars competing to earn our Best Driver’s Car title. This $1.8 million field of carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel is particularly special because it represents almost every major auto-producing country. It’s a veritable best-driving Olympics. The United Nations of competitors includes two supercars from Japan, three cars on behalf of the United Kingdom, four sports cars from Germany, and three more proudly representing the United States.