2016 Automobile Market New Deal Memos

1 car need not be 4S store "bind"

Policy content: traffic on the existing motor vehicle maintenance has proposed ten amendments of the regulations, amended regulations came into effect on January 1. Fifth article stipulates that "care shall have the right to choose maintenance operators to carry out the repairs. Among automobile manufacturers to perform quality of defect automobile product recall, cars ' warranty ' liability, no unit or individual is allowed to force or coercion in a disguised form maintenance operators. ”

Translation: small da Zhi 4S shop, only not, time deficiency problems are concentrated, are owners complain about the place, after the implementation of this provision, consumers can choose the price system more affordable auto repair, operating mechanism more flexible society, without the 4S store "binding".

2 vehicle maintenance information mandatory for free

Policy: the vehicle maintenance technology information management method calls from January 1, vehicle maintenance and technical information to be indiscriminately without delay publicly. Eight ministries, including compulsory motor vehicle producers, traffic information online should be used openly, publicly sold vehicle maintenance information, including vehicle maintenance, Assembly and disassembly of the parts on a regular basis.

Interpretation: the enactment of the measures, 4S store technical information monopolies will be broken, society as a car repair maintenance resources will be strengthened, they are par 4S shops from the maintenance of professional basis and may, consumer choice of future maintenance, repair of vehicles will be more diversified.

3 homogeneous parts recognition

Policy: the provisions on the maintenance and management of motor vehicles for the first time explicitly defines "homogeneous parts", that is "loading parts of the product quality equivalent to or higher than standard, and has a good truck performance accessories", and clarify the supporting Parties, operators can use the same accessories maintenance repairing motor vehicles.

Translation: in the context of homogeneous parts subject to formal approval, consumers can buy more safely to a social auto repair unit to lower prices, while comparable to "original parts" of homogeneous parts, this can effectively reduce the cost of car. Now electrical contractor are also active layout auto after market through homogeneous parts sales can reach consumers directly from the manufacturer, save the link between consumer use of cheaper.

4 post new GB ease the "range anxiety"

Content policy: new electric vehicle charging interface and communication protocol 5 national standards implemented with effect from January 1 this year, electric vehicle charging made breakthroughs in security and compatibility. In terms of security, explicitly prohibit unsafe charging mode, can effectively prevent people from electric shock, burning, contacts etc, guarantee the safety of charging electric vehicles, as well as the consumer. Compatibility, users need only to update communication protocol version, you can make the new power supply equipment and electric vehicles will ensure basic charging function.

Read: new standard makes electric vehicles with charging facilities a substantial solution to the problem of the compatibility, expanding the adaptability between the car and charging past level of charging efficiency new energy vehicles of different brands of poor, charging is not GM's situation is expected to change, the electric car experience for users would be perfect. With the landing of new national standards, charging long-distance travel is inconvenient and installed charging in the District faces many obstacles, such as the problem is expected to be resolved.